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Cheap chic offers high style and low prices with a click of your mouse.

By Karol Ann Bergman 09/10/2009

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Something about the combination of the heat, and that looming cloud of smoke and ash in the near distance the past week has made it tough to find the inspiration needed to write about fashions for under $100, as I had planned prior to the fires.

However, I did find among the ashes of the past week a great place to shop that I just couldn’t wait to share with all our readers.

Pasadena has been blessed with entrepreneur Rebecca Wang Leonard, and her online shopping Web site, where you’ll find numerous outfits for under $100, all updated weekly, just with a click of the mouse.

But the options don’t stop on the home page. The selections chosen by Leonard personally are picked with quality and price in mind for both the well-to-do and the cash-strapped among us, and the site is loaded with style essentials like dresses, jeans, whimsical tops, skirts and all kinds of accessories.

And, if you order at any time during what’s left of summer, shipping is on the house for any purchase more than $50. If you sign up for their newsletter, you will be privy to all their monthly coupons. (While you’re at it, look Leonard up on Facebook and become a fan and a friend.)

Every item picked out by Leonard is trend – driven. If you are looking for this season’s “it” item, you will find it here. Every closet should be carefully thought out with lasting clothes, as well as those you can’t live without. But it is the latter types of items that make such a great place to shop.

Here you’ll find such items as boatneck silkscreen tees priced at $32, Planet Skinny jeans priced at $42 and floral tier dresses for $50, paired with the essential oversized Helen bag for only $48.

One year out of college with a degree in advertising, Leonard decided to take a different career path and in 2007 opened the site along with her husband. The idea was to take the drudgery of hitting every store and bringing shopping into the home through the Web, bringing high quality and low prices to busy young professionals — clothing that could take a woman from day to night without hurting her image, denting her pocket book or forcing her to shop at Target.

Before the onslaught of H&M and the like, it was very difficult for a working girl to find decent outfits at reasonable prices. It’s refreshing to see shops like popping up on the Web and giving  us more options.

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