Come together

Come together

Glendale’s Unity Fest shows that the city that plays together stays together

By Carl Kozlowski 09/27/2012

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In this incredibly divisive election year, it’s reassuring to know that at least one city is trying to bring its citizens together, rather than driving them apart. Glendale is that city, and it’s setting a good example for the rest of the country by hosting its annual Unity Fest from 2 to 7 p.m. Saturday.

Featuring plenty of entertainment, food trucks, local vendors and participation from more than a dozen public service groups and eight sponsors, the fest is a great way to showcase Glendale’s rich diversity while offering plenty of fun for all ages. Attendees of the event can enjoy gourmet burgers from Rounds Premium Burgers, Mediterranean food from the Hungry Nomad, fried potatoes from the Tornado Potato, Korean food from The Bun Truck and street tacos from Hang 10 Tacos.

Further giving a sense of what the community has to offer, the fest will also feature presentations from dance and yoga studios, an assortment of artisans selling their handmade works, psychics, music and acting schools and representatives from Pacific Clinics and the Veterans Alliance.

But most of all, aside from the always-great people-watching at SoCal street events, there’s plenty of groups strutting their stuff to make attendees smile. The Hoover High School Jazz Band  will make you want to stomp your feet to the music, while you can watch the DB Dance Center and Djanbazian Dance Academy put the moves on to the tunes.
With karate and kung fu demonstrations, the Ballet Folklorico Mexico Azteca troupe performing ballet and tunes from Go Betty Go and The Incompletes, Unity Fest shows that not just citizens — but also all sorts of art forms — can peacefully coexist while having a lot of fun.

“The city of Glendale is excited to present our 11th Annual Unity Fest,” says Glendale Public Information Officer Tamar Hadjimanoukian. “This celebration of Glendale’s cultural richness and diversity has been uniting our community for over a decade. We look forward to enjoying another year of food, fun, and entertainment together.”

Unity Fest 2012 takes place from 2 to 7 p.m. Saturday along Brand Boulevard, between California Avenue and  Wilson Avenue, Glendale. Admission is free. Visit


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