Do  yourself  a 'favor'

Do yourself a 'favor'

Do-it-yourself wedding favors save time and money but still leave a lasting impression

By Sara Cardine 03/15/2012

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When the vows have been exchanged and the reception dishes cleared, newly married couples will want to know their nuptials created a memorable experience for all who attended. That’s why, in the crush of the many details associated with pulling off a dream wedding, selecting guest favors that leave friends and family members with an indelible memory of that day is an important and lasting part of the planning and festivities.

Favors can be fun and fanciful or chic and sophisticated, edible or commemorative, depending on how a couple wants to use them. Ordering them can be a part of the larger services a wedding or event planner may offer, although many brides are finding it a lot of fun, and sometimes even more affordable, to make their own custom favors.

Those who don’t faint straightaway when they hear the words “do-it-yourself” will have a lot of options to pick from, but it’s important to keep a few basics in mind.

1. Ask yourself, “What do I like?” Have any other favors stood out in your mind as being particularly fun, memorable or a perfect capturing of the moment as you remember it? Do you prefer favors that can be consumed or used later, such as candy or edibles, candles or seed packets? Or maybe you prefer small keepsakes, perhaps with an engraving or photo of the happy couple. This should give you a hint of where to start.

2. Consider your theme. Maybe your wedding will be in springtime, when seed packets, personalized ceramic pots or small gardening tools customized with photo stickers or tags might tie into a floral scheme to create a larger seasonal feel. Is it a night wedding? Maybe there are cultural influences from the bride and groom’s backgrounds that might inspire visions of an object or picture that could be incorporated into a favor?

3. Let someone else do the heavy lifting. There are many local and online companies that sell small items in bulk, which will save you the trouble of driving to every craft store in town and buying them out of mini canning jars or purple satin ribbon of a certain wale. In addition to the old standards, like, check online at sites like, which specialize in discounted items for many occasions, including weddings. It’s your wedding, take it easy on yourself!

4. Make it personal. Nowadays, you can create customized photos and labels that, when placed on a card, jar, candle or container, turn ordinary objects into keepsakes guests can cherish for a lifetime. You can go to a copy store with an electronic image or text of a couple, names and the date of the event or make labels on your home printer. Take the hassle (and expense) out of preparing wedding favors, so you can focus on other aspects of the wedding.

5. Don’t stress about it. This is meant to be a time to treasure, so have confidence that that spirit will shine through, no matter what favors you select. Also, try not to be offended if guests leave their favors behind after the ceremony or just elect to not take one home with them. A wedding can be a big, bustling affair among many people who are catching up with others, so a lot can and will get lost in the shuffle.

Do yourself a “favor” and leave the worry behind you when you walk down the aisle.


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