Dennis J Downs Dennis J Downs

Downs set to leave Pasadena

Fire chief announces he will vacate post in September

By Carl Kozlowski 07/21/2011

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In a statement Tuesday, Pasadena Fire Chief Dennis J. Downs announced his retirement, effective Sept. 26.
Deputy Fire Chief Calvin Wells will extend his own service past his previously announced August retirement and has been tapped to serve as interim fire chief until a permanent replacement can be found.
In the statement issued Tuesday morning, Downs said he’d informed City Manager Michael Beck of his retirement plans four months ago to give Beck time to come up with a succession plan. 
Downs’ exit will end a 37-year career in public safety, seven and half of those years spent as Pasadena fire chief. 
Downs said that he is not planning to seek full-time employment elsewhere, but rather plans to do some consulting work after moving to Ventura with his wife, Dale. He wrote that Dale has a list of chores “that will likely keep me busy for several years” and that he will also work on improving his golf game. 
“Leadership is all about developing positive relationships; I am satisfied in knowing that we have developed good, solid relationships on an individual basis as well as organizationally,” Downs said in the statement. “When I accepted this position seven and a half years ago, I vowed ‘to leave the Fire Department and our City better than when I got here.’  Looking back over these past years, I believe that I have accomplished this goal.”


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Here we go. Another good person leaving the helm of a city department. Anyone want to bet the replacement is another outsider?
Downs is a good man. He will be missed. It is interesting to know that he told Beck four months ago about his plans. I do not understand why a search did not begin immediately. What is Beck thinking about? There are many issues at the Fire Department that requre a good leader as soon as possible. A guy gives you four months notice and the best you can do is ask someone who is set to retire (Wells) to stay longer. Great planning. . . . . Hey, City Council, notch another one up for the great City Manager you hired. I wonder if the Mayor is wishing he would have been a bit nicer to Cynthia Kurtz?

posted by PPD Insider on 7/21/11 @ 08:48 a.m.


Keep the faith, Beck will be gone sooner than later.

posted by Emperor has no clothes on 7/22/11 @ 02:32 p.m.


Tell us what you know. . . .

posted by PPD Insider on 7/22/11 @ 06:30 p.m.
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