Editor's Note

Editor's Note

By Irene Lacher 02/01/2012

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With all the changes buffeting society in these days of economic turmoil, you wouldn’t expect something as fundamental as marriage to escape unscathed, would you? Then you’d be right. 
Last spring, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that for the first time ever, there are more unmarried adults ages 25 to 34 than married. Analysts differed over whether that also holds true for the country as a whole, but it’s fair to say that the hallowed institution has never been in sorrier shape in this country. Why? 
The reasons are as complicated as you might expect, as Bettijane Levine discovered in reporting her story, “Is Marriage Dead?” 
Certainly there has been a massive change in attitude from the buttoned-down ’50s, when single adults were viewed with suspicion. But there’s also a darker cause, as  yet another shoe drops for many of the 99 percent --- marriage is simply becoming unaffordable.
On the brighter side, Arroyo tips its hat to Valentine’s Day with portraits of two very happy couples, both married and un: Acclaimed Pasadena author Leon Bing writes about her close live-in relationship with photographer Gareth Seigel in a first-person piece, “The Mister and Me.” And Scarlet Cheng talks to Pasadena’s besotted pair, Sharon Clark and Glenn Gruber, who toast each anniversary on the lawn of the Pasadena Museum of History, where they wed 30 years ago. 
Society’s norms may ebb and flow, but marriage or no marriage, love will find a way. And if it doesn’t, you can always check out Bradley Tuck’s tips on places to celebrate V-Day solo. 

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