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Education Guide 2013


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posted by Omishalia on 9/07/13 @ 10:15 p.m.

We started at Friends Western School in the midst of what's being correctly described as a crisis. Regrettably, we weren't aware of major problems until our child was already enrolled. Most current parents with any useful information about what happened are not willing to be forthright. And the few details shared with us didn't quite add up. The majority of depictions sounded unlikely. And a large part of the incredulous info drip came from parents who, shall we say, lacked credibility. We later discovered well over fifteen families left FWS during a very short time span prior to our arrival. How could so many families who were meticulously filtered by the application process be explained away as "not a good fit'? Naturally, our concerns spiked as the telltale signs of a coverup were unmistakable. Dropping our child off without full knowledge of details surrounding the Friends Western School Crisis is nerve wracking in itself. Then we found out a highly respected teacher would not be returning. Eventually we contacted several former parents. After piecing it all together, we realized little had changed other than a superficial shuffling of a few board members via the dubious nomination process and obligatory official statements about moving forward. Known as "image control" in crisis management parlance. Each of the former families we spoke with had their own individual reasons for leaving. The flood of problems overwhelmingly point to and reveal a disastrously planned structure and poorly executed strategy for K-6 education (warranting substantial analysis in itself). The crux of the ongoing mess at FWS is the array of deceptive behind-the-scenes governance conduct (to put it lightly). Not something we would have known from open house visits. Oh, we were also given a friendly warning by a FWS mother a few months after arrivng. Referring to a family that mysteriously disappeared from sight, she explained, "ask too many questions and you'll end up like that other family". We're urgently trying to figure out another option asap. Please do yourself a favor for the sake of your entire family. Talk very frankly with a full cross section of former parents about the circumstances leading to their departures. If you do that, rest assured, FWS will be the last place you'll want for your children.

posted by PC on 12/20/13 @ 02:02 p.m.

For anyone interested in Friends Western School, you should read this board resignation letter. It illustrates just how bad education issues have become:

posted by OO on 12/22/13 @ 02:13 p.m.
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