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Eye For an Eye

Man stabbed in the face before USC-UCLA football game files claim against city

By André Coleman 06/16/2011

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A man stabbed in the face during a brawl in the Rose Bowl parking lot before last December’s football rivalry matchup between UCLA and USC has filed a claim against the city alleging city officials “allowed drinking and deliberately decreased security” at the event.
Meanwhile, one of the accused attackers, 22-year-old Anthony Cisneros, appeared in Pasadena Superior Court Tuesday for a pretrial hearing related to the incident. In that proceeding, Judge Janice Claire Croft set Cisneros’ trial for Aug. 1.
His brother, 26-year-old Arthur, and sister, Akira, 24, both pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery charges, receiving one year in county jail and 300 hours of community service, respectively. The Cisneros family currently resides in Northridge.
Although charges against Anthony Cisneros were initially reduced to misdemeanors, Superior Court Judge Stan Blumenfeld restored them to felony attempted murder charges, meaning the defendant faces life in prison if convicted on both charges. 
The May 11 claim against the city does not specify an amount but lists damages as above $25,000.
“The city of Pasadena failed to provide adequate security in an area known to be used for tailgating activities on property used by the city of Pasadena for parking for Rose Bowl events … creating a dangerous condition on public property which caused or allowed the attack to happen,” states the claim filed on behalf of Josh Dirling, 27, of Simi Valley.
Dirling’s attorney, Katherine Pene, did not return calls seeking comment for this story.
Anthony Cisneros allegedly stabbed Dirling once after someone hit the Cisneros family’s Mercedes with a football being tossed around in the parking lot. A second victim, Vimal Patel, 24, of Monrovia, was stabbed eight times. 
Rose Bowl General Manager Darryl Dunn told the Weekly a group of representatives of the Rose Bowl and UCLA, the stadium’s top tenant, has been meeting since the incident and will issue a report to the City Council and its Public Safety Committee this month outlining recommendations for new tailgating guidelines, including better alcohol management in stadium areas. Banning alcohol altogether is not under consideration.
In the May 11 claim, Dirling says he suffered fractures to his orbital wall and nasal septum when he was stabbed near his left eye. 

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Was Dirling drinking? was he part of a tail-gate party? Did this poor victim also throw a football that hit some other poor handjob's Mercedes? Who drives his pet Mercedes to a tail-gate party where it possibly could get damaged by tossed objects?

How can the City of Pasadena possibly prevent really stupid people from attending its public "good-time" events?

Whenever anyone stands up for his rights to act like an ass, then he should also expect to suffer all potential consequences resulting from that right.

"Hope for the best, but expect the worst," is the idealist's pessimistic motto of a free society ... "Expect the worst" is the truncated version for a police state.


posted by DanD on 6/16/11 @ 04:08 a.m.

Really? 1 guy gets stabbed in the face out of 6 games at the Rose Bowl and now this dude thinks he can get some money by playing the "lack of security card"?

Sorry man. It's sucks that you got stabbed, but the city of Pasadena is not responsible for it. those 3 idiots and probably yourself are!

I hope you never get to enjoy a beautiful game at the Rose Bowl ever again.

posted by Javy818 on 6/20/11 @ 06:27 p.m.
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