Fall Arts: We'll always have Pasadena

No matter how bad things get, Greater Pasadena will always possess one of the world’s deepest reservoirs of artistic riches

By Kevin Uhrich 08/25/2011

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Literature: Wickedly Entertaining

Visual art: Artistic Abundance

Theater: High Drama

Dance: Swing Town

Music: Pitching In

Let’s face it: The world as we once knew it just a few years ago is rapidly changing — for the worse.
Wars rage on in Iraq and Afghanistan, with even more armed conflict on the horizon as dictatorial regimes fight off popular rebellions likely to only further disrupt the political and economic landscapes in that volatile part of the world.
Here at home, a dysfunctional government tries desperately to stave off double-dip recession while Americans in growing numbers become both jobless and homeless. Oh, and does anyone remember global warming? That planet-killing process isn’t going to stop any time soon, unfortunately.
If the world could be described as a piece of art, our current situation is by no means a pretty picture. 
Yes, things are tough everywhere you go, except, perhaps, Greater Pasadena, where an abundance of artistic expression and opportunities have existed through the toughest of times, and are likely to outlast the latest crises besetting the planet.
The community’s artistic spirits soared this year, with 50 free concerts at the Levitt Pavilion in Memorial Park. The summer-long series ends Sunday with the season’s only ticketed performance by singer Brian McKnight.
In the world of visual arts, few cities the size of Pasadena can boast of so many galleries and museums for people to enjoy year-round.
The same is true of theater and dance, with Lineage Dance achieving acclaim, the Pasadena Playhouse turning a financial corner and A Noise Within opening a new theater in East Pasadena.
The literary scene is also just as vibrant as ever, with a host of world-known authors coming to town to hawk, sell and sign their works.
The world may indeed be going to hell in a hand basket. But to paraphrase a line from a famous movie, we’ll always have Pasadena, perhaps one of the world’s deepest reservoirs of artistic riches. And for this, we should all be very grateful.

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