Funny  folk

Funny folk

Caltech Folk Music Society presents Cheryl Wheeler and Kenny White

By John Sollenberger 03/15/2012

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Saturday Night features the third Caltech Folk Music Society appearance of the folk duo Cheryl Wheeler and Kenny White. 
Singer/songwriter and guitarist Wheeler is known for presenting side-splittingly funny performances, all while offering up disarmingly poignant songs based on her observations of the world at large.
Her more humorous works include “Potato,” which, as the name implies, is a ditty about America’s favorite tuber, and “Estate Sale,” which gives humorous insight into the phenomenon of people searching for treasures from the lives of the dearly departed. 
White is a multi-instrumentalist, talented on piano and guitar, as well as possessing considerable vocal and songwriting skills of his own. He frequently backs Wheeler but could very well headline his own shows. His piano work is widely considered to be nothing short of awesome. 
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