Getting personal

Getting personal

J.C. Spires brings the blues back to Jax

By John Sollenberger 05/03/2012

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You can always catch top jazz and blues acts at Jax Bar & Grill in Glendale, even on a weeknight. Wednesday night is no exception, as J.C. Spires drops in for a set.

A native of Detroit, singer and guitarist Spires caught a lucky break while still in his teens. At Berkeley, the 19-year-old met blues legend John Lee Hooker through a friend who was playing in Hooker’s band. He was immediately inspired to follow the blues genre and make it his own.

Back in Detroit, he was able to get onstage with Hooker and sit in. Hooker was so impressed, he asked the young blues player to relocate to San Francisco and join his band. His experience led to developing a deeply personal style, based on feelings, which is really what the blues is all about.

His latest disc is due for release sometime this summer. Visit for the lowdown.


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