Goal-line stance

Goal-line stance

Encore Beyoncé/Jay Z concert contingent on pac-12 game being moved  

By André Coleman 05/13/2014

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The Pasadena City Council voted Monday to approve Aug. 3 for a second concert featuring the superstar R&B couple at the Rose Bowl, but only on the condition that the Pac-12 agrees that the conference championship game will not be held at the Rose Bowl.

“Every year we have to reserve a date for the title game,” Rose Bowl General Manager Darryl Dunn told the Weekly. “The team with the best record wins the right to host the game.” If the Pac-12 does not agree to move the game to a neutral site should UCLA make it that far, “the concert will be canceled,” explained Dunn.

The council has already voted to host 18 displacement events, or one that attracts more than 25,000 people, in the stadium this year. A second Beyoncé/Jay-Z concert would put the council over the limit. City officials promised people living around the stadium that they would not host more than 18 displacement events in the stadium this year. The council voted Monday to approve the concert while waiting for the Pac-12’s response.

“The second Beyoncé/Jay Z concert is strictly contingent on the game being moved to a neutral site, and the Rose Bowl would be removed from its contractual obligation to host the game,” said Councilman Victor Gordo, who serves as the council’s liaison to the Rose Bowl Operating Co.

The city would receive a $302,500 flat license fee if more than 50,000 people attend the concert. Live Nation has also agreed to contribute $200,000 to help fund projects in the Central Arroyo where the Rose Bowl is located. 
Neighbors living around the stadium agreed with the 18 event maximum as long as the council promised the city would not seek any deal to bring an NFL team to the Rose Bowl in 2014. 

The Rose Bowl has long been talked about as a possible temporary home for a professional football team relocating to Los Angeles while a permanent stadium is built somewhere in Los Angeles County. The chance of that happening seemed to have improved earlier this year when a judge threw out a lawsuit filed by homeowners alleging the city’s environmental impact report (EIR) on bringing a pro team to Pasadena did not accurately study the impacts of the additional traffic and noise.
Members of the Linda Vista-Annandale Association — one of the groups in the coalition that filed the failed lawsuit against the city to stop the NFL — claimed the concert will have the same negative impacts on the residents living in the area. 

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