Growing the support network

Growing the support network

Council approves 15 new positions for HIV/STD programs

By Sara Cardine 05/03/2012

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City Council members voted Monday to approve the creation of 15 limited-term, grant-funded positions in the Pasadena Public Health Department, which recently integrated services with the AIDS Service Center to provide a one-stop suite of services for people in the San Gabriel Valley living with HIV/AIDS.

The process began in March, after ASC learned it could lose millions in federal funding for not specifically offering medical HIV/AIDS care. Federal spending is shifting toward agencies and organizations that focus on treatment and prevention and away from psychosocial and support services traditionally offered by groups like the Service Center, such as counseling and assistance with food, clothing and housing.

Clients can now access a full spectrum of HIV-related services at the city’s Public Health Department building, located at 1845 N. Fair Oaks Blvd., Pasadena.

As part of the service integration process, Public Health will acquire about $1.1 million of ASC’s county-funded operational grants. Of that, officials will pay $867,722 for the 15 new employees and another $70,754 for maintenance and IT support. Adding the new positions, which include social workers, registered nurses and administrative employees, to its payroll allows the Public Health Department to meet the goals of the county grants in providing services for targeted populations, according to Public Health Director Dr. Eric Walsh.

The reallocation is expected to go before the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors at a May 16 board meeting. Monday’s City Council decision simply allowed Public Health officials to create job numbers for the new positions. Once the new positions are filled, the department will have 103 full-time employees.

 “After May 16, we have to, as a city, conduct and open and fair hiring process,” Walsh said. “Once that happens, come the next fiscal year, everything will fall into place from there.” 


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