Happy accident

Happy accident

Wreck N Sow brings the strings to T. Boyle's

By John Sollenberger 03/23/2012

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Friday night offers a popular local draw as Wreck N Sow lights up T. Boyle’s Tavern. 
This four-piece string band has had a steadfast following since its recent (in band years, anyway) inception in 2005. In that relatively short time, Wreck N Sow has performed at high-profile shows, from the Colorado Street Bridge Party and the Sierra Madre Centennial Celebration to Ronnie Mack’s Barn Dance in Hollywood and The Pike in Long Beach. What keeps the fans coming is a special brand of bluegrass, folk, country and other Americana, or “roots” music. The band offers a harmonious mix of influences, and each member contributes original songs, as the author handling the lead vocals. Their style is a unique take on the sound and builds a collaborative energy that’s earned them critical praise.  
Wreck N Sow has released two albums to date, the latest being “Second Thoughts.” Visit wrecknsow.com for the full lowdown. 

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