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Blueprint goes back to the drawing board for ‘Adventures in Counter-Culture’

By Jake Armstrong 03/10/2011

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Rapper-producer Blueprint is proving his musical talents extend well beyond the hip-hop world.

With his upcoming album “Adventures in Counter-Culture,” available April 5, the Columbus, Ohio, native reaches back to his early days singing in a church choir and R&B groups to tramples the boundaries that often separate hip-hop from other genres, casting a cynical all-seeing eye toward the world through bluesy, soulful rhythms.

Nowhere was that more evident than at the Viper Room in Los Angeles on Tuesday, where Blueprint blew threw down parts of his repertoire that made him an underground household name while adding in a sampling of what’s to come as he makes his way to the South by Southwest Music Conference in Austin, Texas, where he performs March 16 and 18.

From his days as the frontman for Soul Position to “Adventures in Counter-Culture,” on his sophomore solo release on the Rhymesayers Entertainment label, Blueprint has shown proven skill to evolve in terms of both style and substance, and his latest album may be the best evidence of that transition.

“It’s my time, I’m about to blow,”


You slept first, but now you now

The rap game, 1,000 clones,”

--from “Radio-Inactive” on Adventures in Counter-Culture.


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