Here we go again

Here we go again

Yet another PUSD board member faces censure

By André Coleman 09/05/2012

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Pasadena Unified School District attorneys are expected to soon be discussing the possible censure of a Board of Education member — the third board member to face censure in less than a year.
This time longtime Board member Ed Honowitz finds himself under the gun for allegedly violating the privacy rights of a special education student.
According to Sierra Madre resident Tony Brandenburg, Honowitz violated his autistic son’s rights at a meeting after angry parents began demanding the boy be removed from Sierra Madre Elementary.
In June 2011, Brandenburg and his wife, Mary, claimed their 8-year-old, whose name they’ve asked to have withheld, was bullied out of his second-grade class at Sierra Madre Elementary by classmates and their parents, the latter of whom, they report, held meetings off campus to discuss his removal from the school.
According to the couple’s allegations, parents at the school filed police reports against their son, who was not charged with a crime. 
Brandenburg presented his case to the district during last Tuesday’s school board meeting, after requesting the censure item be placed on the agenda. He is supported by Ron Thomas, whose son Kelly was beaten to death by two Fullerton police officers who now face murder charges. Kelly Thomas had been previously diagnosed as schizophrenic. Ron Thomas attended last week’s meeting.
School board members would not discuss specifics of the alleged breach of privacy, nor would they tell the Weekly if the child was still attending a school in PUSD.
“We have to send it to our attorney, that is our process,” said Board President Renatta Cooper. It was not immediately clear when the Honowitz censure question will be taken up by the board.
In October, PUSD Board member Scott Phelps received a written reprimand for violating the confidentiality of the board’s search for a new superintendent the previous June. 
In another censure vote shortly after that, Cooper was accused of divulging details of a closed session meeting that ended without a censure or reprimand. 


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Mr. Coleman,
We would have been more than happy to provide you with the information you clearly didn't receive when you approached board members. You clearly went to to wrong ones, Honowitz is the one that doesn't respect confidentiality rights.

The main point missed in all of this is that Mr. Honowitz and former Sup. Diaz met in the PUSD District offices with an undisclosed number of parents, excluding us, the child's parents. This group met to discuss MY son and behaviors that are a manifestation of his disability.

We would be more than happy to provide the PRA docs, including those written by PUSD counsel that support the statement I made re: a public forum.

To present a fair representation of a situation, you would interview both parties, right?

posted by marybee on 9/07/12 @ 08:48 p.m.

marc bolan always said bad pulicity is better than no publicity, and in the spirit of bubblegum, i accept this fluff.

mr. coleman, if you want to SEE the documents, you may. if you want to get ANSWERS we will talk. we aren't AFRAID of honowitz, or the PUSD attorneys, or any of the honowitz puppets.



posted by tonybee on 9/07/12 @ 10:50 p.m.

and if you need a picture of mr. ed that didn't come from the 90's, let me know. i've got some great ones

posted by tonybee on 9/07/12 @ 11:06 p.m.

for all those unfamilar with this story: this family had an autistic second grade child whose symptoms were so severe that he required placement in a special needs classroom. SMES did not such a class for his grade level. Instead of choosing placement in a suitable classroom in another pusd school, the parents inisisted he be placed in a mainstream class at smes They did not monitor his progress, and he immediately became a significant impediment to the learning ability of the other children with sudden outbursts and violence. When the children complained to their parents, the parents confirmed the situation and went to Mr. Honowitz for help. Following well settled guidelines, temporary remedial action was taken to place the child in appropriate setting. The child is now doing well in a specialized classroom at smes. The parents have been claiming injustice ever since. The office of civil rights rejected their claim. Their primary gripe with honowitz is that he respected the privacy requests of the parents who initially complained to him. One can see why. these are conflict hungry people who seek to force their will on the rest of the community, and if the fail, they will devote all their attention and energies to badger those who oppose them. smes has approximately 40 special needs students, and not one of their parents have joined in to support the brandenburgs since their child was removed from an obviously inappropriate setting two years ago.

posted by the truth on 9/08/12 @ 09:48 a.m.

dear damage controller, the office of civil rights did not receive about 200 pages of documents including many that were hidden by honowitz. you are a neck talking tool. we have three different versions of legal reports that were provided to us through PRA, all showing that PUSD falsify records.

the OCR did not find in PUSD'd favor, they just didn't confirm our INITIAL claims. we won't refile with them because they don't handle the things we are talking about- that would be the DEPARTMENT of JUSTICE.

This child is NOT in ANY classroom at this time because of the hostility of people LIKE YOU because it is our job to PROTECT HIM FROM BULLIES & LIARS.


the truth? the truth is that your head is so far up honowitz's ass that you can't see the truth

posted by tonybee on 9/08/12 @ 03:40 p.m.

Dear Honowitz Damage Controller aka the truth? Pusddad? Dreier? PUSD lawyer?

How much time was PUSD charged for an attorney to make this post to throw up a smoke screen to protect Honowitz?

Honowitz has nothing to say because if he does, he'll incriminate himself. We have documents written by PUSD counsel confirming the public forum at district offices to discuss our son- how did Honowitz respect his privacy? That discussion was a violation of FERPA, which is one of the complaints for censure.

If Honowitz is able to bully the board majority into covering his butt, they are then aligning themselves with his rogue behavior, including privacy violations, withholding evidence, etc.

posted by marybee on 9/08/12 @ 04:05 p.m.

You will also note that, wherever you go on the internet that there are always attackers and naysayers, but that NONE of them know us personally. Those that do have never spoken to, nor of us, as this guy does. So desperate in his need to take us down. Welcome to the disgustion,, you haven't fooled me, and your ridiculous assumption that no one else has spoken up at smes is just that. It's silly. Plenty of people have spoken out, you just don't hear them from your perch.

posted by tonybee on 9/08/12 @ 08:48 p.m.

The truth!!! Omg are you honeywitz's sugar daddy lawyer??pull your head out wipe it off with a baby wipe and now give us the real truth !!!

posted by Calvin on 9/09/12 @ 08:08 a.m.

"It rises to the top!"

A phrase that (more or less) equally applies to both cream and crap.


posted by DanD on 9/13/12 @ 09:58 a.m.

Hey Andre. It truly is entertaining to see you coming out of the woodwork again. You state:

"In another censure vote shortly after that, Cooper was accused of divulging details of a closed session meeting that ended without a censure or reprimand."

Let's remind the public that it was YOU who sacrificed YOUR integrity as a journalist to rescue PUSD Board President Renatta Cooper from censure last year with your "last minute" letter to the PUSD stating you (ANDRE COLEMAN) made an error in your article many months prior. You also stated the Pasadena Weekly was looking to see how it would publish the corrections, even though Renatta COOPER publicly admitted to violate Board policy!

The hypocrisy of the PUSD Board leadership led by COOPER & HONOWITZ, combined with your protection, misreporting and journalistic carelessness, speaks louder than your words.

Now that Andre Coleman has made clear that personal politics and friendship trump his integrity... maybe Renatta Cooper should nominate Andre for a Best Friend award... for he is a good friend indeed!

posted by 67ghia on 9/17/12 @ 09:59 p.m.

read "Coleman Drops lifeline to Cooper"

posted by 67ghia on 9/17/12 @ 10:06 p.m.
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