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Gene Masuda

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Candidate Gene Masuda believes his support of schools and opposition to growth will carry him to victory in second try at District 4 council seat

By Gene Masuda 02/10/2011

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Pasadena City Council District 4 candidate Gene Masuda wants to make one thing clear about running for the seat being vacated by retiring Councilman Steve Haderlein:
“If my opponents don’t support the schools, they have no business running,” Masuda told the Pasadena Weekly. “My son graduated from John Marshall [Fundamental School] and is now majoring in political science at USC. I support 
the schools.”
Masuda, a retired employment agency owner, sits on the board of directors of the Levitt Pavilion and the Boys and Girls Club of Pasadena. He’s also a member of the Pasadena Education Foundation, as well as the Los Angeles Department of Consumer Affairs Advisory Commission. He even helped build an educational complex on Del Mar Boulevard, the Gene Masuda Education Center.
In 2007, Masuda, 63, almost defeated Haderlein, losing by 150 votes. This time around, he’s convinced things will be different. Despite the crowded field of five candidates, which most political observers believe will force a run-off election, Masuda is hoping he can win the race outright. 
“I am looking at the 50 plus one,” Masuda said confidently. “I have been walking the district for six months. I am not knocking on doors to make speeches. I am doing this to hear neighborhood concerns.”
Masuda said residents are telling him crime, traffic and density as major concerns. The area has been hit by a rash of residential burglaries and concerns over density and more traffic have long been a concern in the area.
“We don’t want density in East Pasadena,” Masuda said. “We have talked about land use, mobility and growth and we are already maxed out. We don’t want any more traffic. After the general plan update process, the city is talking about bringing density to east Pasadena. Why do we have these things and then the city does whatever it wants anyway? That is my concern. I oppose large apartment buildings and condos coming into East Pasadena.”


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You are right on about the density issue. I was so disappointed with the General Plan update. I went to many meetings, volunteered to do community surveys, etc. Over and over we heard residents saying they didn't want more density, yet.. the recommendations from the planning group was that they felt they had focused too much density in Old Town, so they were going to target East Pas next.

We don't want it!

Gene, you got my vote...well, except I live in unincorporated Pas.. but if I could vote, you'd get it!

posted by True Freedom on 2/10/11 @ 02:50 p.m.

I should add that while "over development" is definitely NOT wanted, we sure could use some "redevelopment" here in the eastern side... esp along Colorado.

posted by True Freedom on 2/10/11 @ 03:25 p.m.

Gene Masuda and Carolyn Naber in West Pasadena would make a great pair on the city council. SAY NO to overdevelopment and these awful condos and apartments ruining Pasadena.

posted by San Rafael gal on 2/10/11 @ 09:48 p.m.
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