History in the Writing

History in the Writing

Holden’s bill encourages schools to include President Obama in textbooks

By André Coleman 08/14/2014

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A bill sponsored by Assemblyman Chris Holden, D-Pasadena, to encourage California schools to include the election of President Barack Obama in textbooks passed the state Legislature with overwhelming support.


On Monday, the Assembly voted 73-0 top approve Holden’s Assembly Bill 1912. On Thursday, the state Senate voted 30-1 to approve the measure, which now awaits Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature. 


AB 1912 asks the state Board of Education and the Instructional Quality Commission to include Obama’s election in the state’s history and social science standards for junior high and high school students. 


The accomplishments of African Americans have been left out of history books in California schools, Holden said.


“The election of President Barack Obama is a significant part of history and should not just be a mere footnote within textbooks,” Holden said in a prepared statement. “This bill would create an opportunity for our children to learn about the historical significance of electing our first African-American president. Children need to understand that for years intimidation and physical violence prevented millions of African Americans from voting and alienated them from the electoral process, making the 2008 election of President Obama even more noteworthy.”


California has not updated its standards for nine years due largely to the state’s fiscal crisis.

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