How to Make Resolutions a Reality

How to Make Resolutions a Reality

By Brenda Rees 01/01/2011

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Perhaps you want to drop that spare tire, conquer your sweet tooth or find a way off the exercise plateau. Annabelle Rosemurgy of Glendale’s Equilibrium Pilates Studio offers these tips:

1. “The first thing I tell my clients is to start a food journal. It’s a good snapshot of what you are doing during the day. Write it all down — how much you eat, sleep, eat or drink and what time you did it. You might be thinking everything is okay, but then you realize that three days out of the week you didn’t have breakfast and you didn’t eat your first meal until 2 p.m. Something isn’t working here.
2. “Make sure you are putting food in your body every three hours. You need that constant source of energy to keep going.
3. “If you want to break a habit, start small. Don’t say, ‘I’m going to give up meat, sugar, etc.’ You are setting yourself up for failure. Set yourself up for success in the long run with realistic goals. Maybe it’s just cutting out soda –– start with whatever is your biggest red flag. 
4. “Always carry a snack around, because you’re going to get stuck somewhere and you will need it. I carry a bag of small apples in my car and I love kids’ Cliff Bars, especially the honey graham ones.
5. “With exercise, I think many people find it hard to take time out for themselves. Be realistic. Make sure your goal is achievable. If you work 14 hours a day, don’t say ‘Oh, I’m going to run five days a week.’ Start exercising on the weekends, and then work up.
6. “If you’re not an exerciser, give yourself time to find what works for you. Don’t think you have to start Jan. 1. Try a yoga class, Pilates, whatever. See if you like it first before you dive into it. Plus remember, as we get older, our bodies change and we might need something new to challenge us. Sometimes you need to shake it up.
7. “For those on an exercise plateau, I suggest some kind of cross-training, doing it with a buddy if possible. Maybe you’ll need to add a yoga class for flexibility, which will help you during your cardio workouts.
8. “Finally, I suggest you track your progress. Sure, we often can have a bad day, but look at the overall picture. When you see a bit of movement on the scale, the jeans feeling not as tight as before, that will encourage you to keep it up. Give yourself time to see and live those successes.” 


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