LA Mambo Combo: All things to all people

LA Mambo Combo: All things to all people

By Brandon Bridges , Carl Kozlowsk 11/15/2007

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A local eight-piece Latin jazz ensemble with members hailing from such distant lands as Japan and the Netherlands, L.A. Mambo Combo brings its flavorful rhythms to the Holly Street Bar & Grill in Pasadena Friday night.

International influences permeate the group’s self-described “Afro-Cuban, Tropi-Jazz, Salsa” sound and style. Their instrumental lineup consists of piano, bass, trombone, trumpet, saxophone/flute, congas, bongos and timbales, creating a lush blend of brass and beauty punctuated with Latin rhythms.

The band cites jazz greats like Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie as inspirations, and has shared stages with many local bands, as well as bigger artists like Poncho Sanchez and Roberta Flack.

L.A. Mambo Combo has performed throughout the Southland since forming in 1999. Their long-awaited first full-length CD, “El Robo,” is now available for purchase through their Web site.


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