Cops are just government gangbangers hiding behind badges exercizing an obligation to steal the public's money by citing people for illegally practicing the freedom to choose.

A pathology of oppression.


posted by DanD on 2/07/12 @ 10:00 a.m.

You know how the gentrified, authoritarian-class always pontificates about how poor people only use the right to "privacy" as a tool of criminal intent? It's the popular law-enforcement refrain: "If you're doing nothing wrong, then you shouldn't object to us searching you ... and your home, and your wife, and especially your young ripe (sons and ~) daughters!

Well, right back atcha -- if the state's badge-dangling law-enforcement cabal are doing their jobs in a (Constitutionally) legal way, then they shouldn't even object to the public opportunistically audio and video-recording their conduct while on duty.

On the other hand, if some PD gangbanger objects to being outed by a private citizen's phone-camera, then (s)he must be doing something criminal and should most severely suffer all appropriate consequences!

While on the job, "PUBLIC" servants who are at the job really should expect no right (beyond any toilet stall that is) to "privacy," because it only empowers them to act like crooks.


posted by DanD on 2/12/12 @ 11:18 a.m.

Read "Chief" Sanchez' comments in the Star News related to this topic:

"It is not our intention to reduce the level of transparency of the Pasadena Police Department's operations. There has been absolutely no restriction made on the public or the media from filing Public Records Requests," Sanchez said. "We are required to provide copies of requested transmissions in a timely fashion, but we ask the public to understand that there are no laws that require public safety to make transmissions available in real time. Transparency is a primary mission of the City of Pasadena."

Is this guy really the Chief of Police? He doesn't even understand the issue that is being debated! IDIOT! Hey, "Chief", it's not about after the fact information requests and's about the here and now. DUH, the public wants to have the right to listen. Get it??

posted by Emporer Has No Clothes on 2/12/12 @ 10:19 p.m.

Wait!! There is the dumb lieutenant's comment:

"People who do bank robberies use scanners, and Radio Shack sells these things cheap," Riddle said.

"We just had a robbery today on Hill Avenue and Washington Boulevard," Riddle said. "The last thing I want to do is to have the helicopter or the officers set up on the street and the criminals have a scanner and know where our officers are."

She misses the topic of concern also! What is with these two dummies? Hey, lieutenant, we understand that bad guys should not be able to listen... Now, what about reporters? Are you stupid?

posted by Emporer Has No Clothes on 2/12/12 @ 10:23 p.m.
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