Adam Schiff is an AIPAC (American/IsraeliPoliticalActionCorporation) 5th Columnists ... his first allegiance is (forever) to Zionland. He's voted more money to occupied Palestine than he has even to his own constituency ... that is, his California constituency.
Adam Schiff has voted for: "Commitment to unbreakable U.S.-Israel bond. (Mar 2010)"* America doesn't have any similar relationship with any other nation on Earth. This "bond" is "unbreakable" to Adam Schiff even if Zionland's AIPAC 5th Column commits treason against America.
(* ; )
America needs political leaders whose first, second, and third allegiance IS ONLY America. Dual Citizenship with any nation should be prohibited to all Federal employees.

posted by DanD on 3/03/12 @ 03:15 a.m.
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