Commission delays vote on controversial archery range

By André Coleman 12/05/2013

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The battle over how the Lower Arroyo in West Pasadena should be used came to another standstill Tuesday, with the Recreation and Parks Commission delaying a vote on whether an archery range on the property should continue operations.

The 78-year-old range has been used in several movies, including 2009’s “Avatar” and “The Adventures of Robin Hood,” starring Errol Flynn, in 1938. In September, the City Council was asked by the commission to decide whether the site should continue being used as an archery range. However, the council did not do that, sending the matter back to city staff to study details of a deal previously approved by the commission. That proposed agreement would allow the range to continue operating under the management of the group Pasadena Roving Archers (PRA).

According to the staff proposal, the Department of Public Works recommends that a path that bisects the archery range be removed, that a natural barrier be erected and that all PRA members attend mandatory safety classes. The proposal would also require the PRA to hand over to the city 30 percent of fees that the organization collects from its members.

On Tuesday, the commission agreed to delay a vote on the proposal, although some members said they favor having the range on the property.
Though a number of residents have complained about finding arrows outside the perimeter of the range and have said the club presents a danger to people wishing to use the land for other purposes, such as hiking, Commissioner Thom Mrozek, who favors the range, said shared use of the space will not work.

“We’re here discussing this thing and have been for three years because people in that neighborhood have said shared use does not work,” Mrozek said. “The only logical conclusion, it seems, the only way to do it, is to say, like we do with the casting pond, like we do at Brookside Golf Course, the facility is designed for one use and one use only. 

Particularly like at Brookside, which, by the way, is fenced to keep people out because it’s dangerous. You shouldn’t be walking there.”

The archers have been feuding for three years with a group of residents living in the area, who claim there have been a number of close encounters between archers and hikers. Some claimed to have found arrows in their backyards.

“The exclusive use of the land in the Lower Arroyo is by the archers unconscionable,” said local resident Tom Seifert. “We have other citizens who live here who would enjoy the benefit of walking freely in the Lower Arroyo.”

Pasadena police Lt. Tom Delgado told the Weekly in September that there were only two complaints on file regarding the archery range. Delgado also said that arrows found on private property were broken, oxidized and years old and appeared to have been recovered from the brush and not private property.

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It's a heist, a City-sponsored cash-grab.


posted by DanD on 12/05/13 @ 11:39 p.m.

You are so right Dan, the city is likely to rake in 30-40….dollars with this huge cash grab.

posted by russmen626 on 12/07/13 @ 02:50 p.m.


You're so disingenuous. Is the PD making you post at these comment sections as a punishment?

With this increased institutional oversight, the city will also eventually impose its own preferred fee schedule upon the archers. The monetary outlay (including all future cash confiscations) will multiply exponentially.


posted by DanD on 12/07/13 @ 05:49 p.m.

Dan, do you own a bow and arrow? I thought so, so why do you care? And so what if the city collects funds, do you think cleaning up and maintaining parks are free? Are you going to go down there and do it? Of course not, you're to busy dodging the spy satellites that are circling your apartment. Maybe Dan, your not cut out for city life, have you ever thought of that? I'm sure there are plenty of underground bunkers just waiting for you to occupy out in the deserts and secluded mountains. Dan, your problem is that twenty years ago, you got a parking ticket and just can't move forward. Get over it and enjoy what little time you have left on this planet, this is not healthy, just trust me on this one.

posted by russmen626 on 12/08/13 @ 02:29 p.m.


Why all the non-sequiturs? You are the one who seems incapable of separating your fantasies about my life and the simple facts of the matter as related by the article above.

FACT: For three quarters of a century or more, the archery range has effectively operated as a privately managed, public service function and maintained itself in the Arroyo with practically no oversight from the city. Virtually all potentially unresolved complaints from the surrounding community about how the archery range functions can be counted on the fingers of a single hand. But over the last year or so, somebody somewhere in the bowels of Pasadena's local bureaucracy has decided that the city should be garnering a much greater profit margin of tax revenue from this circumstance of how -- over the past decades -- a segment of the public has quite harmoniously used this public space.

Your problem russmen626 is that you are a troll. The above attack that you've made against me confirms this. You have nothing important to say regarding the subject at hand, and nothing valuable to offer, so you instead attack other people who do, for the simple pleasure of producing discord.

I feel kind of sorry for you.


posted by DanD on 12/08/13 @ 05:41 p.m.

Oh Dan, I can just picture you now, sitting in the old musty Lazy-boy. The one with the side all torn up from some cat who died twenty years ago. TV tray by your side surrounded by a stack of old news papers from unknown publishers. Is that you Dan? We all long for the old days, when we could shoot our bows an arrows and play with out bb-guns down in the Arroyo, but times have changed, its a different world. Just except it, no one entity or government is going to get rich off the Robin Hood Archery Club
dues…I'm spot on about the old chair and news papers, aren't I?

posted by russmen626 on 12/08/13 @ 09:01 p.m.


With your repeated ad-hominem attacks, you at least continue to prove your complete lack of intellectual honesty. You do indeed sound like the average, child-molesting law enforcer.



posted by DanD on 12/11/13 @ 10:39 a.m.


Child molester? Now we're getting to the root of your problems. You were diddled as a child? Its not your fault, after all, you are Dandy. Maybe you were hot at age three and your foster parent could not resist you.

posted by russmen626 on 12/11/13 @ 08:18 p.m.

Damn russmen626;

You sound like you just got a boner. So you do diddle with children, huh?


posted by DanD on 12/11/13 @ 09:52 p.m.
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