'No confidence'

'No confidence'

Associated Students and most faculty vote against PCC President Rocha

By Nick Smith 03/14/2013

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Students and faculty members at Pasadena City College have expressed “no confidence” in school President Mark Rocha’s leadership after a Board of Trustees decision to eliminate winter classes from the school’s academic calendar.


On Feb. 27, executive board members of the Associated Students of Pasadena City College (ASPCC) approved two resolutions to censure, or formally reprimand Rocha’s administration, and express “no confidence” in the administration’s ability to “carry out its basic duties” — an administration which the resolutions claims has systematically “removed faculty, staff and students from the presidential review process” since Rocha began his tenure in 2010. 


From Feb. 19 to Feb. 26, 204 of 364 full-time faculty members submitted ballots also calling for a vote of “no confidence” against Rocha.


ASPCC and faculty members were expected to present the resolutions and the faculty vote to the PCC Board of Trustees Wednesday.


“The Associated Students of Pasadena City College have no confidence in this administration to … maintain a healthy shared governance system, orchestrate major changes responsibly in the absence of shared governance … and provide leadership to the campus community,” reads one of the resolutions. 


Students wanted the administration to contact surrounding four-year institutions and explain the school’s decision to cut Winter Intercession classes, a move which affects many students’ ability to finish on time in order to transfer. But that did not happen.


In a memo sent to Board of Trustees President John Martin prior to adoption of the resolutions, ASPCC President Simon Fraser said executive board members formally requested a response from the Board of Trustees to the issues “before scheduled discussion and possible action, potentially including censure and no confidence in PCC administration.”


When no such response was given, the ASPCC board approved the resolutions. 


“As far as I am aware, no student government has ever taken a stance this strong against a serving administration,” said Fraser. “The significance is that we have been pushed so far … that we had no other recourse. We may not have even taken this action had the administration responded to us beforehand.” 

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Absolutely no surprise here. I worked with Rocha and have followed his career- always amazed how he has been able to stay ahead of his reputation. Shared governance...don't expect it from him.

posted by Savannah on 3/16/13 @ 06:21 a.m.
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