Old Town showdown

Old Town showdown

Gun rights advocates, Brady Campaign to face off Thursday night

By Jake Armstrong 04/21/2011

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Open carry advocates and gun violence prevention groups will face off Thursday night in Old Pasadena as an out-of-town firearms group brings its protest of Assemblyman Anthony Portantino’s bill to ban open carry to the lawmaker’s home turf.
South Bay Open Carry is calling on its pistol-packing members to descend on ix Tapa Cantina at 7 p.m. to demonstrate against Assembly Bill 144, which would close a loophole in state law that allows unloaded firearms to be openly carried in most public places. The group’s Western-themed “wanted” poster promoting the event bears a picture of Portantino and a call for supporters to “support your Second Amendment rights: together we can make it happen.”
Members of the Brady Campaign to End Gun Violence and other groups are organizing a counter protest.
AB 144 cleared the Assembly Public Safety Committee on a 5-2 party-line vote last 

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This is the third time in the ten months since the South Bay Open Carry movement came into being that Suzanne Verge, head of the Los Angeles Brady Campaign has "protested."

The Brady bunch shows up just long enough to give a statement to the press and then they disappear.

The day following her protests at Brooklyn Pizza in Manhattan Beach, Suzanne Verge claimed that she was "assaulted" despite the fact that three camera crews were there filming her and her minions every moment.

So is Suzanne Verge a liar or just insane?

Let's see tomorrow if she once again claims that she was assaulted this time as well.

posted by CNReporter on 4/22/11 @ 03:50 a.m.
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