Power struggle

Power struggle

Local workers head for New York to help victims of ‘Frankenstorm Sandy’

By André Coleman 11/07/2012

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Six electrical experts from the Pasadena Water and Power Department are in New York to help restore power to portions of the city ravaged by Superstorm Sandy. 
Sandy devastated sections of New York and New Jersey more than a week ago, resulting in $20 billion in property damages and an additional lost $50 billion due to business interruptions. More than 7 million people were left without power as of Oct. 30. 
Officials are worried new problems will arise this week as temperatures drop, forcing people to turn on furnaces that may have been damaged by the storm to combat the cold weather.
“The president has asked that power be restored as soon as possible, and we are answering that call for help by assisting our fellow public utility to restore power to its customers,” said PWP General Manager Phyllis Currie in a release.
The team is part of a contingent of utility workers from Burbank, Los Angeles, Anaheim and Riverside. In all, 90 people and 52 vehicles are being sent to the East Coast for two weeks to help restore power in the region.
The Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously last week to send crews if needed. The teams were transported from March Air Force Base near Moreno Valley on nine cargo planes carrying tree trimmers, line crews and support workers. 

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