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Quick Thinking

Pasadena police take down armed suspect without firing shots

By André Coleman 08/21/2014

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Pasadena police arrested a parolee in a situation that could have ended in bloodshed after he allegedly reached for a concealed weapon while other people tried to distract police officers.  


On Saturday, officers arrested Brandon Lee Barnes, 22, on Marengo Avenue near Painter Street.


Pasadena police Lt. Tracey Ibarra said that Barnes told detectives he is the brother of Leroy Barnes, but police had not confirmed that relationship by deadline. 


Leroy Barnes was shot and killed by Pasadena police officers in 2009 during a traffic stop on Mentone Avenue, just south of Washington Boulevard. Police shot Barnes 11 times — seven times in the back — after he refused to remove his hands from a backpack after one of the officers had entered the backseat and attempted to take Barnes’ hands out of his backpack.


Leroy gained control, fell out of the car and brandished the gun, but was shot before he could fire his weapon.


Pasadena police came into contact with Brandon Barnes shortly before midnight Saturday. He was walking on the street when officers stopped him for what they said was “suspicious behavior.”


As officers talked to Brandon, they noticed a strong odor of marijuana. At that point, several people standing nearby began yelling and making attempts to draw the officers’ attention.


When the officers looked toward the group, Brandon Barnes turned away and reached into his left pants pocket. 


The officers attempted to place Barnes in a control hold and observed what appeared to be a pistol in his pocket.  The officers eventually subdued and handcuffed Barnes and recovered a loaded 9mm pistol. 


“This encounter reflects the current safety challenges facing law enforcement. The officers’ quick actions, tactics and decision-making avoided what could have become a lethal encounter,” said Pasadena police Chief Phillip Sanchez.


According to police, Barnes is an active gang member on parole. He was booked at the Pasadena jail and the subsequent investigation determined that the gun was stolen. 


Barnes has been charged as a convicted felon in possession of a gun, receiving stolen property and an ex-convict in possession of ammunition. He is being held without bail due to his parole violation.

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What does the Leroy Barnes case have to do with this story? And why is this news? This stuff happens every day and all day, its just an arrest.

posted by russmen626 on 8/21/14 @ 07:18 a.m.
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