SCALE of Justice

SCALE of Justice

PUSD files suit against district that chartered a school in Pasadena

By André Coleman 08/07/2014

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Pasadena Unified School District (PUSD) officials voted unanimously last week to file a lawsuit against a school district they say illegally placed a charter school in Pasadena.


According to the lawsuit, the Acton-Agua Dulce Unified School District (AADUSD) placed SCALE Academy Charter School on Lincoln Avenue in Northwest Pasadena. 


“We want to make sure that families considering enrolling their children at SCALE Academy know that the school is being sued,” said School Board President Scott Phelps. “There is a real possibility that SCALE Academy will be shut down by the court for illegally operating outside of AADUSD and within Pasadena Unified boundaries.”


According to press release issued by the district, the AADUSD has approved 20 schools to operate outside the AADUSD boundaries. District officials in Pasadena did not know about the school until board members received a postcard designed to inform parents of the new school.


The Los Angeles Unified School District and Newhall School District have filed similar lawsuits against AADUSD and other Southern California school districts are pursuing similar actions in their regions.


According to the district, AADUSD is currently assigned a “negative certification” of its budget and being monitored by Los Angeles County Office of Education.  


“The lawsuit is not an attempt to prevent charter schools in the Pasadena Unified School District, but to ensure that local charter schools are authorized in compliance with law and operate in concert with local school districts to the benefit of our local communities,” said Sue Ann Evans, legal counsel for PUSD. 


“The district recognizes that charter schools can play an important role in the community, but they best complement the services of local school districts when they are formed and operate in conjunction with a local school district,” said Evans. 


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God forbid, another school comes in the territory with a plan to do a better job.
We can't have that in Pasadena.
That means less students in our failing schools, which translates to less money in the Union pocket.

posted by AJB on 8/07/14 @ 02:12 p.m.

Don't expect much from PUSD Board President, Scott Phelps and his camouflaged side kick, Mikala Rahn, who tandem through Pasadena
pretending to be for all kids. He can barely stand there with a straight face. Just look at him.

These people and their cohorts thrive on the failure of this corrupted system.

Why they are suing Charter schools who want to serve kids for free in our community
should give insight to the control they want over the monopoly that continues to be the best kept secret in the San Gabriel Valley.... for employees (and their kids) of PUSD that is.

These hypocrites have no shame!

If they were serious about elevating the education for ALL kids, we would see a full effort, DISTRICT WIDE for PBIS ( ).
Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports.


Ask Scott Phelps, Mikala Rahn and the others why PUSD has not implemented PBIS district-wide across the board??.... and don't accept ANY excuse. There is NO excuse.

Until they implement PBIS.... we need all help we can get!!

PUSD should take a hike!.... not the Charter Schools!

posted by GermanB on 8/15/14 @ 02:49 p.m.
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