Sultry  psychedelic style

Sultry psychedelic style

The Peach Kings makes the right ‘Handsome Moves’ in promoting latest EP at Casey’s

By Bliss Bowen 01/17/2013

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In the two years since they relocated from the Bay Area to Los Angeles, singer Paige McClain Wood and guitarist Steven Trezevant Dies’ band The Peach Kings has become a fixture of the indie-rock scene. In addition to playing residencies at clubs like Harvard & Stone in Hollywood, the KCRW-sanctioned duo has performed on high-profile stages at the Make Music Pasadena and Sunset Strip festivals. They wrap up their January residency at Casey’s Irish Pub Friday.

When they played Make Music Pasadena in June, onlookers near the stage cheered on the electric chemistry between the two and even sang back the suggestive refrain of their single, “Fisherman” (“Show me where your line is”). Onstage, Dies is the spark to Wood’s vocal live wire, his no-nonsense grooves and catchy riffs setting the framework for their reverb-drenched songs. Wood’s smoldering tones can explode into flames with the twist of a syllable, yet she always holds something in reserve, suggesting much while revealing little.  

Although their psychedelic blues-soul-rock sound wins over listeners at shows, fans are at least as likely to see The Peach Kings online as on a local stage. Wood and Dies make savvy use of social media and online performance sites like to promote their events as well as their trippy EP, “Handsome Moves,” released in September. The often cinematic quality of their music lends itself to film, which director Paul Trillo has exploited in provocatively artful videos he’s made with the band. Trillo’s video for “Lonely” is both imaginative and moving, with behatted ghosts accompanying Wood’s Amy Winehouse-meets-Hope Sandoval crooning on a dusty rooftop; it’s a rare instance of a video truly amplifying the inherent message of a song. In his video treatment of the allusive “Thieves & Kings,” Trillo presents them as some kind of ersatz Bonnie & Clyde, albeit a Bonnie & Clyde whose getaway is stymied en route to a happier, if less romantic, end.

Built around a simple, magnetic riff, “Thieves & Kings” is a steamy rocker that closes out “Handsome Moves,” and showcases the band’s signature elements. They’re best experienced live, where The Peach Kings flaunt their harder edges.

The Peach Kings return to Casey’s Irish Pub, 613 S. Grand Ave., downtown LA, 10 p.m. Friday. Free admission. Info: (213) 817-5321.


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