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Talk of the town

‘Every Way Woman’ takes local TV in a new direction

By Sandra Siepak 12/27/2012

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“E very Way Woman” (“EWW”) is the new face of daytime TV and, finally, a talk concept that makes sense. It’s smart and engaging and touches women’s lives with topics that matter. Airing on Channel 32 in Pasadena Tuesdays at 10 a.m., the cable and Internet show prides itself on being a voice for all women. The “EWW” co-hosts are personable and share their views with an audience of all ages. After five years’ worth of half-hour programs, “EWW” has built a loyal audience and proven it can outlast even many network shows.
Created by Executive Producer Yolando Mitchell Brown, “the show addresses what viewers want — good conversations about issues that appeal to everyday women.
“What sets our show apart is our guests and the topics. Our audience relates to both. We dig deeper. Our discussions are what you find at the office, the beauty shop or during lunch. We address real women who are juggling families, careers, hopes, dreams and fears,” says Mitchell Brown. “‘EWW’ makes it a point to have an impact on your life with solutions to problems. We give our guests a platform. These are women who are building businesses and new careers, and we give them a chance at their dreams. We want to inspire viewers that they can do that too. ”
Focusing on matters that everyday women face, the co-hosts join expert guests for candid conversations. Together, their professional and real-life experiences appeal to “EWW” viewers, adding a unique mix to the on-set conversations which are lively, engaging and opinionated. As a team, their credibility broadens the definition of women’s talk programming. Mitchell Brown added, “I wanted co-hosts who were real women, who would challenge me and also make me think about or change my opinion. These women aren’t afraid to debate their opinions or talk about their own lives on camera. The audience appreciates that.”
Viewers agree. Michelle van Tol, a mother of two, watches “EWW” online and stated, “After watching the recent show on breast cancer, it really made me more aware to keep my own health in check. I identify with the co-hosts, because, like me, they are professional working women facing the same concerns. They make you feel you are part of their conversation and invite you to listen in and learn along with them.”
When asked what makes this show connect so well with viewers, Mitchell Brown said, “It’s not celebrity driven. Both our co-hosts and expert guests communicate well with viewers. We help to give real women more control over their everyday lives. ‘EWW’ deals with issues most women are going through. Our goal is to encourage women to excel at what they love doing and give them the direction to change their lives for the better.”
Another point Mitchell Brown says is important is reaching out and focusing on those viewers many programs simply overlook.
“Our show really makes a difference and cares about the forgotten women out there. Women who are sometimes lost in the crowd. They matter. The women over 40, the plus-size women, the stay-at-home-moms, the shy, quiet girl in the corner. We want to inspire a woman with talent, whoever she may be, who’s afraid to step on stage. ‘EWW’ cares about those women too.”
Rachel Kiijek, a new viewer of the show, finds it both informative and entertaining. “I like the fact that I can turn to a show that talks about things I’m facing and going through. The co-hosts care about what the guests have to say. When I hear other women talking about something I’m going through, I don’t feel so alone. When you hear how other women are making things work, it really gives you the confidence to say, ‘Well, if they can do it, I can do it too.’”
“EWW” airs its weekly program and segments and highlights tips, news and information for women at “EWW” plans to focus more on the topics of fitness, finance, fashion, food and, of course, women’s health in the upcoming year. Mitchell Brown says both her guests and co-hosts inspire her with every new show.
“I began ‘Every Way Woman’ as a college project,” she said. “We started the early productions in my apartment and later moved to taping the show in Pasadena. It grew from there. Whoever thought a girl from East St. Louis, Ill., would be producing a talk show for other women? I guess you could say we’re homemade. We provide the recipe for success.  I’m hoping our audience feels the same too.” 


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