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The Count


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American military service members (0 more than last week) have been reported killed in Afghanistan since the war began in 2001, according to The Associated Press. 



people were killed and 10 others were injured when a bomb hidden in a push cart was detonated by remote control near a government building. According to FOX News, no one claimed responsibility, but the Taliban has stepped up its offensive against Afghan security forces as foreign combat troops prepare to withdraw by the end of the year.



million is the amount President Barack Obama has asked Congress to approve for training and aid for rebels in Syria. According to The Associated Press, Obama has been under strong pressure from some Republican lawmakers, such as Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) to increase assistance to the Syrian rebels. The rebels are seeking to oust President Bashar al-Assad. 



men were crucified on Saturday in Syria by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). According to a statement by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, eight of the men were hung in the public center where their bodies will remain for 3 days. The 9th man survived for 8 hours.


— Compiled by André Coleman


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