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The count


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As of Tuesday, day 2,313 of the war in Iraq…

4,332 American military service members have been killed in Iraq and 13,840 have suffered wounds severe enough to prevent their return to duty, according to the Defense Department.

15 family memebrs providing in-home care for veterans who were seriously injured on duty in Iraq plan to make 50 visits to congressional offices this week to ask lawmakers for some form of federal financial aid, AP reported.

18 people were killed and 100 were wounded during bombings Tuesday in and around Baghdad and Sadr City, according to Voice of America. Troops were pulled from Iraqi cities 3 weeks ago.

$1.75 billion in funding for 7 new F-22 fighter jets was withheld by the Senate Tuesday, supporting Obama’s position that the jets would have been an unnecessary taxpayer burden, reported CNN.

$114.9 billion is the cost to California taxpayers of Iraq and Afghanistan war spending since 2001 — enough to provide 17.2 million students with one-year scholarships to state colleges.

— Compiled by Joe Piasecki


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