The Count

The Count

As of Tuesday, day 2,411 of the war in Iraq…

By Jake Armstrong 10/28/2009

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American military service members — 1 less than last week, surprisingly — have died since the war began in 2003, according to the US Department of Defense. A total of 13,874 have suffered injuries serious enough to keep them from returning to duty.

people were killed in twin weekend bomb blasts in Baghdad, for which the Islamic State of Iraq, an al-Qaeda ally, claimed responsibility on Tuesday, CNN reported. About 540 people were injured in the blasts.

US citizens who were arrested for illegally crossing into Iran while hiking in Iraq were caught singing and joking on a video minutes before they were apprehended by Iranian authorities on July 31, footage their supporters say proves they are innocent vacationers and should be released, Agence France-Presse reported Tuesday.

million is how much an auditor says the US State Department should seek in damages for shoddy construction on the $700 million US embassy in Baghdad, which is the most expensive embassy in the world, The New York Times reported Monday.


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