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The Count


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As of Tuesday, day 3,363 of the war in Afghanistan and day 2,817 of the war in Iraq … 
1,345  American military service members (6 more than last week) have died in Afghanistan since the war began in 2001, and 4,435 (2 more than last week) have died in Iraq since that war began in 2003, according to the US Defense Department.

11 Iranian exile group members’ deaths in an Iraqi camp in 2009 are under investigation by a Spanish court as crimes against humanity, The Washington Post reported. A Spanish judge has called an Iraqi military leader to answer questions about the alleged incident at a March 8 hearing. 
4,000 families living in part of Afghanistan’s volatile Helmand province may benefit from a rare peace deal NATO-led forces have struck with elders in the area, The Vancouver Sun reported. Taliban leaders are expected to exchange peace for schools, roads and clinics.

17,000 megawatts is how much power Iraqi officials expect 3 new power plants to boost power generation capacity in the next 
3 years, Bloomberg reported. That’s nearly 3 times as much as the 6,000 megawatts the country currently produces for its 12,000-megaweatt demand.

— Compiled by Jake Armstrong


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