The enemy within

The enemy within

Legalizing pot is the first step on a short road to total moral decay

By Victor Cass 09/09/2010

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This November, Californians will vote on the future of this country. And it starts right here in California with the marijuana vote. Proposition 19 represents more than a misguided effort to decriminalize “casual” users and make a little money for cash-strapped California. This is ultimately an ideological struggle between one way of life, represented by all that’s good in America, and another way of life that stands poised to destroy us from within. And it all comes down to whether voters think legalizing marijuana is a good or bad idea.
We’ve all heard both sides of the debate. The War on Drugs is a failure. Legalizing pot can generate millions of dollars worth of needed revenue and eradicate drug-trade violence. It eases the pain of terminal disease sufferers, plus weed isn’t half as bad as alcohol and tobacco. However, opponents of the measure claim marijuana is also full of health risks, drug dealers will still have a market to minors and, with legalization, a reduction in violence would be minimal. 
I’m going to present what should be the only argument for never legalizing marijuana or any other illegal drug for that matter — our children. And here’s the litmus test: Would you want your kids smoking legalized weed?
If you’re a privileged teen from a good home and become a long-term pot smoker, at best you’ll be a lazy, overweight disappointment who’s financially supported by your parents until the marijuana exacerbates whatever underlying personality disorders you have. Then you’ll have your first mental health break, usually during your freshman year of college, if you even make it to college. You will drop out, move back home and spend the rest of your days in and out of psychotherapy, becoming a burden to your family and to society.
Now, picture if you will, an at-risk youth from a low-income neighborhood in Any City, USA. Throw in a nonexistent or incarcerated father, a drug-addicted mother with a violence-prone boyfriend, pressure from street gangs, violent classmates, sexual, physical and emotional abuse, neuro-psychological issues like ADHD, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and let this kid get his hands on marijuana. 
Legalize marijuana and drug dealers will still thrive, preying on children and teens. There will still be drug-related violence. The Mexican cartels will just tweak their operation a little and the war will continue. All the so-called taxes that you hoped to raise from the “legalized” pot will have to be spent on mental health, homeless and joblessness benefits incurred by the drug users, as well as other medical and social services. 
The problem isn’t that the War on Drugs is a failure. You see, law enforcement held up its end of the war. We did not. If everyone had done their jobs, law enforcement and the courts would be just one successful spoke in a wheel of societal success stories involving parenting, education, empowerment, employment, leadership and drug and alcohol treatment. But no, we all wanted to sit back and wallow in collective bad behavior and then point at law enforcement, as if they were the only group that should have been tasked with waging a war on drugs, and blame them for the failure, as if they were supposed to play handmaiden to us all and raise our kids for us while interdicting drug smugglers.
If we vote to legalize marijuana, we’ve lost our children forever. They will never respect you or me as parents or value anything we ever told them. Our children will think we are all hypocrites and liars. Our children will shake their heads in shame and say, “How could you — who always taught me to do the right thing and say NO to drugs — have voted for this?” 
Marijuana is the broken window in the “broken window” theory of neighborhood decay. It’s the first bad decision in an inevitable string of increasingly worse decisions, because after legalizing pot, legalizing cocaine won’t seem so outlandish, and then methamphetamine. Pretty soon people committing crime while high on drugs will just “come with the territory.” Then what else will we tolerate? Outsourcing our protection to armed gangs of narco-criminals, like in Mexico? Doing away with law and order altogether? 
Remember NIMBYs? NIMBY stands for “Not In My Back Yard,” and was usually the reaction by citizens whenever someone wanted to start a program or build something that that could have a detrimental effect on a neighborhood. 
I’m going to coin a new term here, NIMFAB — Not In My Flesh and Blood. And I’m going to stand up and be counted as the first official NIMFAB. I have an intelligent, kind-hearted, patriotic, religious and beautiful 9-year-old daughter who believes in giving back to her community and helping people. She already knows what college she wants to go to and what she wants to do for a career.
I’ll be damned if I’m going to give up and surrender to legalized marijuana or any other legalized craziness. And I’m not going to sit around and watch a bunch of dopers tear this great nation apart. I’m going to rail against this and stand up for what’s right. I’m going to do it for my daughter, and for all of her awesome friends, and for all of our children. Because I’m not willing to sacrifice a whole generation of our young people so that pot smokers can be “decriminalized” or so that California can raise money. Not drug money! Not ever. Legalizing marijuana is the first step to the social and moral decay of the United States, and that is a bad idea.

Victor Cass is an author and an officer with the Pasadena Police Department.


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What a chicken little. These argumentative fallacies apply to just about everything else from tobacco, alcohol, to Twinkies.

Cass really stretched on connecting dots of the potential detriment legalization would cause.

Very poor editorial piece, though some myopic easily swayed people may jump on board, you’re completely off the mark.

posted by ejacob3 on 9/09/10 @ 09:34 a.m.

Wow. Just Wow. Officer Cass, your writing relies on the same tired old 'reefer madness' of the 1930's.

"If you’re a privileged teen from a good home and become a long-term pot smoker, at best you’ll be a lazy, overweight disappointment who’s financially supported by your parents until the marijuana exacerbates whatever underlying personality disorders you have. Then you’ll have your first mental health break, usually during your freshman year of college, if you even make it to college. You will drop out, move back home and spend the rest of your days in and out of psychotherapy, becoming a burden to your family and to society."

With this statement, I'm sorry to say, you prove your ignorance.

How about this story (mine): Working class kid, smoked pot in high-school, got straight A's, went to one of the best universities in the world, and now has a degree and am going off to and live and work as a teacher abraod. By your line of logic then the marijuana made me do it!

What you're relying on is a very simplistic rhetorical tool. It's called "post hoc hergo proctor hoc" (After therefore because of). Preceding behavior is rarely a causal treatment of an existing condition. I could equally say that my marijuana smoking lead me to be successful! But do I? No. I'm successful because I worked hard and had support. My marijuana usage is just what I chose to do, just as if I was having a glass of wine after dinner.

Of course, you won't listen to this. You want to keep locking up blacks at 50 times the rates of whites for the same crime. You want to continue wasting our tax dollars to fund your war on drugs. You want to keep throwing people in jail because you want a world where only YOUR line of thinking fits. I want a world where many worlds fit. I want a world where we can be free to chose who we want to be, and where we attack our problems by looking at them holistically. You want to find a scapegoat, and use it as a reason for maintaining your structure of power so you can keep feeling important.

Go read a book you tool.

posted by estebanmgil on 9/09/10 @ 11:57 a.m.

Passage of the CA Proposition 19 will deal a serious blow to the Mexican drug cartels and to the "drug war" in general. It will also restore sanity to the California State budget by collecting sizable Cannabis revenues and eliminating the wasteful spending on the so-called anti-Cannabis "enforcement". It is established by the science of addiction medicine that the so-called "gateway drug" theory, advanced by the opponents of the measure is a complete fantasy, as is the assertion that Cannabis is "physically addictive". Cannabis is NOT physically addictive, as there is no clearly definable and reproducible PHYSICAL withdrawal syndrome, associated with its use, as opposed to truly physically addictive substances such as opiates or alcohol. In fact, the latest addiction medicine research reveals that Cannabis may serve as an "exit" substance with the potential of helping former alcoholics or hard drug users to abstain from alcohol, hard drugs, or even dangerous and physically addictive prescription drugs! It is also being established that Cannabis use may help prevent such serious illnesses as cancer and Alzheimer's disease! Cannabis use also suppresses violent urges and behaviors. Let's not be intimidated by the scare-tactics of the "opponents", but be motivated instead by science, reason and understanding of these issues, and this means voting YES on California Proposition 19 on November 2!

posted by doctork on 9/09/10 @ 11:59 a.m.

"If you’re a privileged teen from a good home and become a long-term pot smoker, at best you’ll be a lazy, overweight disappointment who’s financially supported by your parents until the marijuana exacerbates whatever underlying personality disorders you have. Then you’ll have your first mental health break, usually during your freshman year of college, if you even make it to college. You will drop out, move back home and spend the rest of your days in and out of psychotherapy, becoming a burden to your family and to society."

What an absolute crock! How would you explain my story, then? I grew up in an extremely stable 2 parent household in the northwest. My dad owned a local business, and my mom was a federal employee and president of my little league. I started smoking herb in my junior year of high school, and have smoked nearly every day from the time I started until now (about 9 years). During that time I have completed a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in structural engineering, and I now work as a structural engineer. I am also an avid weightlifter and have been working out 4-5 times per week for over 5 years. With weed, I can work my ass off all day (at work and at the gym), and then unwind at the end of the day and let go of all the stress. And the best hangover or addiction! Your claims are absolutely baseless and false, and I imagine that most people can see right through your BS.

posted by maturallite on 9/09/10 @ 12:16 p.m.

A police officer wrote this. Its just someone trying to protect their job...

No one actually thinks this guy is standing up for anything real. Your standing up for beurocratic control/power so that you can maintain a job. Without the marijuana laws, there wouldnt be half as many cops in some parts of the country

posted by wickedsweet on 9/09/10 @ 12:52 p.m.

Chief Sanchez,

For the entire community's sake, please send this jackass back to school.

posted by ganjafree on 9/09/10 @ 01:07 p.m.

Victor Cass cannot be MORE right! Kudos to him! As a mental health professional I have seen first-hand the damage that marijuana does to our young people. Just because a few LUCKY people who have commented here have not (yet?) suffered the harmful effects of pot-usage, they are the exception, NOT the rule! A lot of these comments appear to come from people who may have personality disorders! I just hope and pray that the great “Silent Majority” of California voters turn out and vote NO on Prop. 19. By the way, this article is a SHORTENED version of his article that originally appeared on his blog. You can read it here:


posted by scprincess on 9/09/10 @ 04:11 p.m.

I couldn't agree with Victor Cass more. I am a mental health professional and see the negative effects of marijuana usage on a daily basis. Consider me the second official NIMFAB!

posted by hg22 on 9/09/10 @ 04:31 p.m.

I hope you sleep well at night knowing your "reefer madness" rhetoric will be the cause for thousands of people dying, losing their jobs, their school funding, children, and property. The notion that weed causes people to go psycho is a myth from days of old. Regardless of what Mr. health professional says, or so he claims, cannabis has been found to NOT have those effects from numerous studies done in Canada and Europe. Hell, Nixon even put together his own report and even that committee said that there was no reason for marijuana to be prohibited. I know too many people that use it and Not a single one has shown ANY of these so called "negative effects". In case you didn't know roughly 40 percent of the population has used it and quite frankly they're fine.

I agree with estebanmgil, go read a book you tool.

posted by xxnerdzillaxx on 9/09/10 @ 05:21 p.m.

First off... its SO UNAMERICAN for an officer of the law to be laying down MORAL codes!

What is going on? Does this fascist monster think he is in Vatican City, and he can enforce moral beliefs?

Banish this fool back to the dark ages.

AND... In all the bizarrely ludicrous propaganda that has been slopped around Prop 19, officer cass' utterly absurd Reefer Madness redux takes the cake!

"But... sob... What about the CHILDREN?"

Hey officer, read on so you might remedy your absolute ignorance about a subject you obviously know nothing about.

"Whether teenagers who smoked pot will use other illicit drugs as young adults has more to do with life factors such as employment status and stress, according to the new research. In fact, the strongest predictor of whether someone will use other illicit drugs is their race/ethnicity, not whether they ever used marijuana."

Also, look at the actual numbers for how dangerous cannabis is:

"Contrary to allegations by narcotic law enforcement that admissions to emergency departments for marijuana are going through the roof, a 2010 study published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine found that “marijuana was by far the most commonly used (illicit) drug, but individuals who used marijuana had a low prevalence of drug-related ED visits.”

A 2009 study at Switzerland's Luasanne University Hospital and a 2006 University of Missouri study independently found marijuana inversely associated with injuries requiring hospitalization. The Missouri study concluded marijuana use resulted in a “substantially decreased risk of injury.”

An August 2010 RAND study reported fewer than 200 patients were admitted to California hospitals in 2008 for “marijuana abuse or dependence,” but there were almost 73,000 hospitalizations related to alcohol."

posted by Cann_Do on 9/09/10 @ 06:50 p.m.

Look we all know that cops don't want to lose their cash cow... Its just shameful that liars like officer cass can't tell you the truth:

"The San Antonio Police Department has "hit the jackpot." Wednesday, the Drug Enforcement Administration in San Antonio handed over the largest ever drug forfeiture checks to local law enforcement."
"Two Texas law enforcement agencies have thicker wallets after the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration in San Antonio turned over a record $4 million in drug proceeds."


One day cass' daughter will grow up, and if she is like most other teenagers will experiment with mind-altering substances... then we will see if he prefers her possibly drinking alcohol, which kills many many people per year, or smoking cannabis, which kills NOONE per year.

posted by Cann_Do on 9/09/10 @ 06:51 p.m.

Cann DO: As parents we don't need to choose between alcohol and marijuana--our kids should abuse neither-- marijuana can be devastating to a child's education and motivation and can be more addicting at a young age than alcohol. Marijuana does have a physical withdrawal syndrome--see the American Psychiatric Association DSM-V. A recent study by CASA at Columbia University found that a large percent of public schools have both drugs and gangs, and yet our children are required to attend school by law. CASA director Califano calls this child abuse. Yet parents and schools put up with this garbage drug culture. The Obama administration is talking about punishing teachers if their students don't do well. But how can teachers teach students in drug and gang riddled schools? I'll be glad to vote to legalize marijuana when we succeed keeping drugs and alcohol away from adolescents.

posted by catcherintherye on 9/09/10 @ 09:35 p.m.

Hey, it's not the drug addiction for this "law enforcer," instead, he wants to perpetuate the obscene revenue enhancement the "Drug-War (TM, Reagan)" perpetuates so he can continue to collect his "Reefer-Madness" expanded wages and send his own little dick-squirts off to a better university. HE KNOWS, drug-war equals JOB SECURITY.

You see, optionally (and more usually used against colored folks), law enforcement may "confiscate" ANY property deemed to have been used to "enhance" or otherwise accomplish a drug-crime. Let any law enforcement revenue-enhancer find a dubie in your truck, and the state may arbitrarily choose to own it for sale to any highest bidder. All that is needed for the gangbangers of law enforcement to confiscate any private property is an institutional declaration of suspicion. Furthermore, once the property is taken, IT'S GONE, even if a conviction for the alleged crime used to confiscate the property is never achieved against the (former) owner.

This circumstance was perversely exacerbated when America's manufacturing base mostly fled during both the Clinton and Bush II administrations, which was overwhelmingly followed by the government's high-value, corporate tax base. Now America's law-enforcement community has become one of the government's primary revenue-producers.

For the cop-class? Punitive taxation is unavoidably where it's at! This is primarily why the Constitutional judiciary of California's court system is "legally" prohibited from adjudicating parking fines. As a result, county and local law enforcement throughout California optionally contracts its parking extortion rackets out to pseudo-judicial, private, corporate fee-collection agencies. While it may be lucrative in the short term, CONSTITUTIONAL it is not. Also, eventually, cash cows do run out of milk.


posted by DanD on 9/09/10 @ 11:26 p.m.

Officer Cass, if you truly want your children to have less access to marijuana, you should consider regulating it. Ask any child in high school which is easier to get, pot or alcohol, and 85% will tell you pot. I understand that it harms some people, especially the young. That's why we need to take it out of the hands of the cartels and put it into the hands of licensed businesses who will I.D the younglings when they attempt to buy it.

Your argument that cartels will still control a giant black market aimed at kids holds no water. Where are the "alcohol gangs" making billions on selling fifths and 40's to our kids in high school. That's right, they don't exist. But, outlaw alcohol and I PROMISE you, the cartels will be growing hops, barley, and grapes in the woods of California tomorrow.

Here's something to think about. I can goto the store and for $15 dollars get myself a DEADLY dose of Vodka, Rum, Gin, Whiskey, Shnapps, or Liquor. Not only will it probably kill me if I drink the whole thing, I will be intoxicated off my rocker and liable to hurt the people around me. It's actually almost a surety that I will hurt myself or someone or something. If people are responsible enough to consume THAT poison, surely we're responsible enough to consume cannabis.

I also take issue with your saying that marijuana use will go up if we legalize and regulate. You fail to take the other lesson from Amsterdam which is that use among youth is 1/2 that of youth in the US. The reason for this, according to none other than the officials in the Netherlands, is that they've succeeded in making pot "not cool." They've taken away the forbidden fruit effect and learned to be honest with their children about the potential harms of cannabis use(just like with alcohol.)

How did we cut nicotene use in half in 15 years in America? Not by locking up the people who produce, sell, and use tobacco. No. We did it by educating the people. No law enforcement necessary, no calling them "dopers" or useless druggies. We didn't have to ostracize them from society and saddle them with a 2nd class citizen designation, a.k.a. an arrest record. We didn't have to take away cigarette smokers finacial aid for college or force them to go through 6 months of rehab. Tobacco is FAR more addictive than marijuana and we HALVED our problem through education and honesty about what your life will be like if you smoke tobacco. Just education. Do you understand that?

I'm happy we have addiction counselors to work with people who have a problem with marijuana dependence. It can hurt some people in the long run. When we stop spending money locking people up for responsible use and sales, we will be able to afford more people like that.

Mr. Cass, if what you truly want is less people smoking pot, less availability to children, and less social harms, then you will encourage the passage of this proposition.

posted by gamer05454 on 9/10/10 @ 07:52 a.m.

Why Officer Victor Casswants us to continue to subsidize the black market criminals, gangs and cartels selling marijuana is amazing and disturbing. He should be supporting better public safety instead of encouraging less. He should be working to rid us of gangs and cartels instead of subsidizing them.

Legalize and save us from the gangs and cartels.

posted by santor on 9/10/10 @ 08:29 a.m.

This is a whole lot of crazy, especially in the long form.

If we vote Yes on 19 all of a sudden we slide into post-apocalyptic despair? We can "forget about our kids going to college"?

What terrible judgement this police officer has. I feel bad for the folks in Pasadena who have to deal with him, "office, just be reasonable!"...."Reason? That's the first step on the path to complete moral decay and unamericanism. I don't think so."

Seriously though, what the hell Pasadena Weekly? Why give cache to what should have lived forever as a crazy blog post by some right-wing neo-McCarthyite crank?

posted by jonperpich on 9/10/10 @ 10:07 a.m.
posted by Spook on 9/10/10 @ 10:22 a.m.

Right folks. This is all just recycled prohibitionist hysteria from the days of alcohol prohibition and from the critics of Prop 215. There's not a word of truth anywhere in the "article."

Every major government commission on marijuana has concluded marijuana is less "addictive" than coffee and FAR less harmful than alcohol. -- The DEA's own administrative law judge, Francis Young, concluded after an exhaustive review of the evidence: "Marijuana, in its natural state, is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man."

The real "enemy within" is rabid, irrational prohibitionists like Officer Cass who perpetuate what is really a WAR ON OUR OWN CITIZENS for engaging in behavior far less harmful than when he drinks a glass of beer.

It is marijuana prohibition that PUTS marijuana into childrens' hands. Legal vendors will not sell to minors. One of the worst consequences of these charlatans is that when they lie to the children about marijuana, the children find out the truth (always), and then disbelieve our warnings about the hard drugs and REALLY get into trouble.

So, Officer Cass and all prohibitionists have children's blood on their hands.

Sweep these black-hearted frauds off the scene. End the madness!

Vote YES on Prop 19!

posted by John Thomas on 9/10/10 @ 12:07 p.m.

Pasadena Weekly claims to be an award winning publication of journalism, but they allow this garbage onto their pages? Victor Cass supported none of his statements with facts or references. This article is nothing more than an emotional rant from an uneducated person.

There are millions of successful and self actualized people in this country that happen to also smoke cannabis. To blame all of the problems that our children face in today's world on a plant is completely non-sensical.

Wake Up Victor Cass!
It's not the cannabis making all the kids messed up down there in Pasadena. It's the consumer driven culture of immediate gratification that we live in that is causing the problems Victor speaks of, and southern California is the epitome of this aspect of our culture.

Nothing against So-Cal, I'm just saying....

A Great Read!
Top 10 most successful pot smokers list:

posted by rekcuz on 9/10/10 @ 01:06 p.m.

This article is not good for several reasons. First, this prop. is not aimed for children to smoke marijuana. The writer writes, "Would you want your kids smoking legalized weed?" What would really be the difference? The kid is still going to get in trouble whether it is illegal or legal. Anyone caught under the age of 21 will be penalized. So, I do not understand why this article is being aimed towards our children. Cass writes, "If we vote to legalize marijuana, we’ve lost our children forever. They will never respect you or me as parents or value anything we ever told them. Our children will think we are all hypocrites and liars." Again, this prop. does not say it will be legal for children. So, where is this coming from. I am sure kids are getting high right now when it is illegal. In addition, that kid who wants to go to college will have a hard time getting in because of the screwed up school systems (budget) in California. I am just going to stop. Bad article.

posted by djlxl6 on 9/10/10 @ 05:39 p.m.

WOW, looks like someone just saw Reefer Madness! Why doesn't Officer Cass put the tired "What about the children!" argument to bed along with his daughter. I've never read such a antiquated crock of paranoid and hysteria-driven crap!
The children argument has been used to defend everything from drug prohibition to gay marriage. Just because something is legal or decriminalized should no mean all of a sudden your child will be doing it--not if you are doing your job as parent that is. In the Netherlands, where pot and prostitution are legalized and regulated, do you think children grow up wanting to be stoners and whores--just because it is legal?? I think not, because parents still impart their sense of right and wrong, morality and immorality with their child as part of growing up.
Victor Cass' logic says that the only thing keeping his nine year old from lighting up is the illegality of marijuana. What excellent parenting skills, way to convince her and share your knowledge with her! How about you stop worrying about what the rest of us do and worry about teaching your daughter right and wrong without using the lame defense that something is illegal and therefore obviously amoral, offensive, wrong, and nothing more than a one way road to the gutter.

Also, I found Mr. Cass' comparison of the two children (whose main difference seemed to be CLASS - and I'll bet also implied is RACE) to be extremely offensive. Good white kids become chubby stoners, while ghetto children become career criminals, all because of pot.
Furthermore, his claims that an education becomes impossible once one starts smoking pot are almost too funny to take seriously. When was the last time he was on a college campus, if ever?
In short, keep your little drugs are bad speech for kindergarten DARE programs, where this type of idiotic logic is better suited and might actually be taken seriously. And leave the parenting to the parents, which reminds me, isn't it bedtime for your daughter? I'd put this whole speech to sleep to if I were you Officer Cass.

posted by PasadenanGuy on 9/10/10 @ 05:58 p.m.

This Victor Cass is a cowardly, lying, fear-mongering, slandering, pathetic, brainless, moronic, ignorant, un-American, communist, piece of crap! I want him investigated by the department for incompetence and stupidity! I don't want my law enforcement officers whom I am paying for with my tax dollars telling me that I have failed our children when I am forking over half my effing paycheck for that moron to send his spoiled brats to private school. Dumb SOB!

posted by Fire Cass Ass on 9/10/10 @ 09:42 p.m.

I agree with Officer Cass 100%. Marijuana must not be legalized because it leads to God-less beatnik-ism. Do we really want our children to grow up listening to the hot jungle rhythms of jazz music? There are an estimated 30 million regular marijuana users in this country. If we could only imprison half of them think of what a better country this would be. The private prison industry is fighting repeal of marijuana prohibition, as are the pharmaceutical companies, the liquor producers, the police, and the prison guard unions. Lets support them in their fight. If you know anyone that smokes marijuana please turn them in, even if it's your friends or family. It's your duty as a citizen. A criminal record may make their future prospects bleak, but at least they'll learn that if they want to grow up to be president like Clinton, Bush, or Obama, they should make sure they don't get caught. I truly pray that if Officer Cass's daughter is ever caught with marijuana she can spend many soul-cleansing years in prison. Remember, the only freedom we really need in this country is the freedom to incarcerate people for thinking they're free.

posted by Bumphus on 9/10/10 @ 11:27 p.m.

My friends here have stated this oh so well. We (me and you) have spent millions of dollars in taxes to combat the War on Drugs. There is no war on drugs. There is compliance. If we simply legalize marijuana, the war goes away. We can grow it, sell it, use hemp as a raw material tax it and make money OH NO.

I was a HippieChick Pot Head. Smoke for 18 years. It wasn't the pot that got me in trouble it was me. I over the last 30 years have been an executive in the software industry and have worked for some of the finest SW companies in the world. Did pot make me lazy? Nope. Was it a gateway, nope. It was my desire to experiment as kids do.

Another thing. One of my best friends, who I consider one of the best people I know, was diagnosed with cancers of all kinds 13 years ago. In her last many months, we asked her Oncologist if he would write a prescription for Med Marijuana. He had NEVER done so for anyone. My dear friend, got to taste food, enjoy food, go to the movies and laugh, laugh with us, discuss the world with us, be with her family, and just chill the last two months of her most precious life. I welcome this send off to a woman who fought so hard and desired a break that she got from POT.

posted by lilredtruck on 9/14/10 @ 01:13 p.m.

This whole opinion article is just that. OPINION! No where does Mr. Cass site any facts as to what happens when people smoke Marijuana. Everything written in this puff piece (pardon the pun) is hyperbole and retreaded rhetoric. To top it off Mr Cass's ignorance regarding Marijuana and who is using it just makes him look stupid. Here is a hint Mr. Cass pot smokers are not all "lazy teens" and drop outs living in their parents basements. Do you get your stereotypes from Family Guy or the film "Reefer Madness" from the 50's? Looks like a bit of both. Or maybe, just maybe, I am reading this from a insane asylum after I had a mental breakdown from smoking to much of "the pot".

Gimme a break!

posted by Strolan on 9/15/10 @ 11:00 a.m.

scprincess posted above:
"As a mental health professional I have seen first-hand the damage that marijuana does to our young people. ... A lot of these comments appear to come from people who may have personality disorders!"

i have 2 comments on the post from this 'professional'.

1. I find it amazing that you are able to diagnose personality disorders from a web posting. I would've thought that "mental health professionals" would, at the very least, administer an MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory) before making a diagnosis. It's basic.

2. The young people that you have seen first hand:
Did they come to you with an existing psychological disorder and also smoke pot ?
Are you saying the pot caused the disorder ?

By that logic, you could say "the kid is schizophrenic and also drinks Pepsi, so the Pepsi must be causing him to be schizophrenic".

Which leads to the question: How many young people have you seen in your practice whose only problem was that they smoked pot ?

I am certainly not condoning underage persons smoking pot, but I'm fairly certain there are lots (most) of "young people" smoking pot that DON'T go to see a mental health professional because they are doing fine.

Thanks for reading.

- Xilix (46 years old, smoked for 25+ years, make over $100K per year working for a Fortune 50 company)

posted by xilix on 9/19/10 @ 09:06 a.m.
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