The staples

The staples

Incendio concert to help raise funds for Kenyan orphanage 

By Bliss Bowen 08/16/2012

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For some people, quality of life is measured in real estate and fine cars. For others, it comes down to a search for the staples of life: food, water, shelter.
That’s a point well made by Pasadena police Chief Phillips Sanchez in a statement promoting Saturday’s concert benefitting the MACHAO (Makueni Christian Home for Assisting Orphans) Orphanage in Kenya. Lt. Phlunte Riddle is spearheading the event, which will feature local instrumental Spanish guitar ensemble Incendio.
According to guitarist Jean-Pierre Durand, a mutual friend made them aware of Dr. Caroline Rowley, a Glendale-based physician who has done work on behalf of the orphanage. He says performing the concert was “kind of a no-brainer” after speaking with Rowley.
“Our daily lives are, ‘Oh, the band is playing,’ and getting from Santa Monica to Pasadena, or ‘Let’s get groceries or go to the movies,’” Durand elaborates. “For these people it’s, ‘Let’s get clean water, let’s find education for these kids.’ They’ve taken those battles to heart and are trying to make good things happen in a systematic way. They seem to have people there who seem to care about getting the uniforms the kids need to get to school, to find clean groundwater, to plant crops — all the things a small community needs to be viable to survive.”
Durand says he and bassist Liza Carbè, guitarist Jim Stubblefield, drummer Nicole Falzone and percussionist Bryan Brock are looking forward to performing in the Ambassador Auditorium. The band just returned from a two-week East Coast tour, where Durand says they try to return annually, despite scaling back their touring over the past couple of years. 
Self-managed and self-booked, Incendio got its music onto Internet radio services like Pandora early on. Regular airplay now regularly attracts fans to their concerts, which has helped band members stay afloat as the music business has become increasingly tumultuous.
“We needed a mode by which people could hear the music en masse,” Durand says. “There’s no real commercial avenue for us to be heard, unless someone is doing ‘Desperado Part 5.’ It’s always been about taking it to people. Social marketing combined with Pandora has really been an open door for us. Amazon sales are up. Downloads are doing well for us. We’re waterlogged, but we’ve ridden out the sea changes.”
They also have another album they hope to release this fall. This week, however, they’re focused on Saturday’s concert. 
“It was an opportunity to play, and it was so obvious that this great cause needs support,” Durand says. “We’re very honored and humbled to be part of it.” 
(For a related story on the orphanage and the concert, please see page 29.)

Incendio performs at a benefit concert for the MACHAO Orphanage at 6 p.m. Saturday at the Ambassador Auditorium, 169 S. St. John Ave., Pasadena; $30 general admission, $10 student admission, $100 VIP seating and reception. Tickets are available through To learn more about the Machao Orphanage Foundation, visit For more info about Incendio, go to


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