Thelonious  assault

Thelonious assault

Mt. Thelonious brings jazz with a twist at Coffee Gallery Backstage

By John Sollenberger 06/13/2013

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If you’re looking for a little midweek pick-me-up Wednesday night, check out Mt. Thelonious at Coffee Gallery Backstage.
The Pasadena native boasts a long career in the three-piece band hailing from the musical city of St. Louis, formed a few years back out of the desire to create something new. They decided to break out of the mold that educated jazz musicians are supposed to fill, and by all critical accounts they’re succeeding. With each member possessing a heavy jazz background, the band incorporates a mixed brew of klezmer, bluegrass and traditional rock and roll. That eclectic blend of Americana has caused enough of a buzz to keep the band on a busy touring schedule, as the threesome is currently on a wide-ranging national tour.

The live show keeps the critics and crowds showing up, with each show featuring unexpected musical twists and turns. The repertoire boasts a combination of inventive originals with reworked classic covers, keeping the shows consistently fresh.

The band’s self-titled debut CD is available at

Music starts at 8 p.m. at Coffee Gallery Backstage, 2029 N. Lake Ave., Altadena. Tickets are $15. Call (626) 798-6236 for tickets and visit for information.


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