How do you get people to believe that a subversively faith-based scam is legitimate? Well, you just "reveal" how really stupid people so very vocally, faith-base advertise (in as unconvincing a manner as possible) that the subject-same scam really is a scam (reverse-psychology)!

Then? Well even the moderately sane (who yet are still not that subject-matter educated) will commonly refuse to even look at the real evidence because -- well -- if such stupid pundits as is R$ck Perry believe that Global Warming (TM, Al Gore) is a scam, then ALL more logically sceptical people who are even so much more scientifically educated still must also be just as wrong about their own, more reality-based assessments.

At its foundation however, just 'cause a pseudo-scientific grifter like Al Gore endorses a functionally ambiguous subject, doesn't necessarily mean that what he claims is really so.


posted by DanD on 9/29/11 @ 12:09 p.m.
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