Tom Tomorrow's ad-hominem comics

Oooh, watch out for ALL them genetically evil, Euro-centric pale-faced cracker MFers, cause they are THE ONLY members of our species that openly and blatantly practice murderously vicious RACISM!

On the other hand, if a person-of-color ever commits any violent crime against a devil-white type, well, IT'S ONLY because (only) the white man has historically, culturally and economically oppressed all those (fast-becoming not) minorities of god-ordained, helpless, melanin-enriched victims.

In any event, to make it on the schit-list of Tom Tomorrow's ad-hominem "humor" site, first-and-foremost, you just gotta' be a "negro"-murdering paddy with meth-addled, Orphan Annie eyes.

Anyway, if all you folks in PW land think what I've written here is in any way racist, well, it ain't any more bigoted than the "straw-man "humor" that TT scribbled up above. But since Tommie's victims (under the guise of humor) are only America's Caucasian population, well, no harm ... no foul.


posted by DanD on 2/27/14 @ 08:17 p.m.

Tell me TT;

When are you going to do some mildly-clever comedy about these statistics?

Caucasian folks are getting "Travon'd much more than People-of-Color

How about a jackhammer ban?

Or maybe disarming these thugs ~


posted by DanD on 3/04/14 @ 08:03 a.m.
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