Ties that bind

Ties that bind

The Delgado Brothers rock their annual holiday party with Teresa James & Terry Wilson, Sherry Pruitt, Big Manny, Gino Matteo & Jade Bennett at Nick’s Taste of Texas

By Bliss Bowen 12/05/2012

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Since emerging from the East LA scene alongside Los Lobos and the Blazers in the late 1980s, the Delgado Brothers’ enduring themes have been family, friends and community. So it’s no surprise that they’ve retained their strong ties to the Boys & Girls Club of East Los Angeles. The Delgados return to Nick’s Taste of Texas Friday for a show that will include a guitar raffle benefitting the Boys & Girls Club. 
“We do a holiday party every year,” frontman Joey Delgado explains. “Guitar Center in Pasadena gives me an Epiphone Les Paul Junior and I play the hell out of it, hold it up in the air, the whole band signs it and then we raffle it. We’re trying to set up a scholarship for the Boys & Girls Club — $300 or $500 scholarships for kids going to college. It’s pocket change, but every bit helps. And we like doing it. We’re all alumni of the Boys & Girls Club. They were great to us, and we never forgot them. We always try to give back to them. We have an official title there: Recording Artist Club Alumni. Ambassadors to the arts. The club considers us ‘their’ band.”
In addition to playing their own set, Joey, bass-playing bro Bob, drummer brother Steve, Hammond B3 organist David Kelley and percussionist Inocente Alvarez will also back up friends Sherry Pruitt, Teresa James & Terry Wilson, former Blazers guitarist Big Manny, Gino Matteo and Jade Bennett. They all share deep history.
“It’ll be like ‘The Ed Sullivan Show,’” Joey jokes with a laugh. 
Expect Latin grooves and buckets of blues soul, particularly from the gritty-voiced James and hubby/bassist/songwriter Wilson, who will likely tear into tunes from her recently released “Come on Home,” a polished set that manages to capture James’ live performance fire. Joey says they’ll all be playing new music, including material from Matteo’s forthcoming collection for Rip Cat (which Joey produced) and an album the Delgados hope to put out next summer. He says the evening will celebrate the grateful camaraderie that binds them all together.
“I still haven’t made a lot of money but I’m happy and I love what I do,” he enthuses. “It’s a very precious gift that I have, and I cherish it. That’s what this holiday party’s all about.” 

The Delgado Brothers Holiday Revue with guests Sherry Pruitt, Teresa James & Terry Wilson, Big Manny, Jade Bennett & Gino Matteo takes place 9 p.m. to midnight Friday at Nick’s Taste of Texas, 545 N. Citrus Ave., Covina; $20 VIP reserved seating, $15 at the door or $10 advance (via PayPal). A signed guitar raffle will benefit the Boys & Girls Club of East LA. Call (626) 331-2824 for more information. Delgadobrothers.com

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