'Utter folly'

'Utter folly'

710 supporter opposes plan to expand Avenue 64

By André Coleman 08/02/2012

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The chair of an influential group that supports the idea of connecting the Long Beach (710) Freeway and the Foothill (210) Freeway on Monday called a proposal to link the two roads by building a tunnel underneath Avenue 64 in West Pasadena or turning the residential street into a major highway “utter folly.”  
“I understand the angst of the people living in those neighborhoods,” 710 Freeway Coalition Chair Nat Read told the Weekly. “I think it is utter folly to think of any route other than the shortest distance connecting the two stubs. I think it has stirred up all sorts of concerns among neighborhoods where the freeway will never go.”
In the 1960s, Caltrans seized hundreds of properties in Pasadena, South Pasadena and the El Sereno neighborhood of Los Angeles through eminent domain in order to connect the two freeways over land. But three years ago, the overland route was pretty much shelved, due to lack of federal funding, at which time regional transit officials conceived a 4.5-mile-long tunnel to run underneath South Pasadena and Pasadena as part of a longer route connecting the two freeways. 
However, plans to connect the two freeways via Avenue 64, which runs through the San Rafael neighborhood of Pasadena, have come under fire by the West Pasadena Residents’ Association. WPRA members appeared before the Pasadena City Council Monday night to denounce any plans that would take the freeway extension through their neighborhoods.
Residents in that area last week delivered a strongly worded letter to Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) CEO Art Leahy, Caltrans District 7 Director Michael Miles and other top transit officials, opposing the plan for the tunnel from Alhambra through South Pasadena and parts of West Pasadena.
“Signs are going up around the neighborhoods to inform the community,” said Association President William Urban. The City Council is expected to formally take up the issue at its meeting Monday “We will continue to turn up our efforts as time goes by, and we will continue to reach out to city, county and state officials.”

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And guess what? The Garvanza Improvement Assoc. managed to get over 100+ people at the Highland Park Neighborhood Council last night. And even better we had people from Pasadena, South Pasadena, El Sereno, Inglewood, Highland Park and Eagle Rock. The best part was Amber Reyes from Gil Cedillo's office. Gil Cedillo wrote the 710 Bill and pushed it through the legislature for approval. He was not prepared to be called out and answered poorly. Gil Cedillo is running for CD1 and Highland Park is a community in CD1. Yeah it was tense.

posted by tmgulotta on 8/03/12 @ 08:38 a.m.

Really Nat??
He feigns out of one side of his mouth that it’s ‘utter folly’ to go through this area, then out of the other side of his mouth he says he thinks “it is utter folly to think of any route other than the SHORTEST DISTANCE”. Which is actually RIGHT THROUGH HERE, he just didn’t spell that out.

I guess he thinks we’re not following the Metro findings closely: The shortest route is a dead-straight surface route from the south edge of Valley Blvd to Palmetto/St.John/Pasadena (22,400+ft), NOT the Meridian/Bent Route (25,000ft) - does NAUGHTY NAT still support this????

NAUGHTY NAT’s only goal is to try his lame divide and conquer technique. He wants us all to be NIMBY hypocrites like him. He lives in Glendale and DOESN'T want the freeway running through HIS house, but he DOES want it running through the houses of OTHER people.

Worse yet, NAT gets paid big bucks by Alhambra (lives off of their taxes) to pollute/congest/destroy this area with his NAT READ CARGO FREEWAY.

posted by R.Sonant on 8/03/12 @ 10:33 a.m.

Way to Go!!!

posted by locality on 8/03/12 @ 11:13 a.m.

Yep, follow the money.
Nat Read, has been paid more than $262,000 by the city taxpayers of Alhambra since 2003, he is the creator of the pro-extension “710 Freeway Coalition” which, for all we know, has an active membership of one.
Nat has said that the highway project might be dead but for the advocacy of Alhambra and efforts of the other members of the coalition. ;) “Time and time again it’s been the work of the coalition that has kept the 710 Freeway ‘alive’,” N Read.

Well, alive in a sad way. The money invested in him hasn’t really accomplished anything. He has kept only the “CONcept” crrrawling for years-on-end while he sucks the coffers of Alhambra dry. And the Metro Board hands out millions of our tax dollars on EIR studies to prove, but probably not admit (yes I expect them to lie) that a freeway is not a good way to solve the goods-movement problem the ports are having. Anybody else think that the Metro Board, with the exception of a couple members, is starting to look so tainted it should be disbanded?

This freeway, the fantasy dream of the ports of LA for their freight, has smashed into a formidable wall of homeowners who like to breath clean air.
Heck, seems the City of Alhambra could have gotten something worthwhile for their money had they invested it directly into rail-for-freight on behalf of the ports instead of this rascal. What a waste of money on this guy! Think about it, he does have a motive to keep the controversy “alive” forever – otherwise his job would disappear.

posted by follow the money on 8/03/12 @ 01:49 p.m.
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