Vote 'Yes' on Measure A

Vote 'Yes' on Measure A

Measure A will make running for office less expensive and the Board of Education more responsive

By Bill Bogaard 05/17/2012

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Do you want to bring more democracy and local control to the Pasadena Unified School District? If so, vote “Yes” on Measure A.  

A diverse citizen task force has proposed a way to elect PUSD school board members that will give citizens a stronger voice in electing the board, save money on PUSD elections and strengthen local control and grassroots democracy in Pasadena, Altadena and Sierra Madre.

Currently, all school board candidates run for office on a district-wide “at large” basis. Candidates who run for school board have to raise a lot of money to reach voters in all three communities.

This ballot proposal will have school board candidates elected from seven distinct, neighborhood-focused districts. There are many advantages to this system.

•    School board members will be closer to neighborhoods, giving residents greater access to the Board of Education and making the board more responsive

•    It will be much less expensive to run for school board, expanding the pool of potential candidates and giving more people the chance to serve the public in this way

•    The PUSD will save at least $200,000 every two years because of less expensive elections. That money can be redirected to the classrooms

•    This proposal brings the Pasadena Unified School District into compliance with voting rights law to avoid costly lawsuits

This plan was developed by the citizen task force after more than 35 public meetings and numerous outreach events. There has been significant public input.

It is supported by a variety of residents, including Democrats, Republicans and independents, civic and community leaders, business and cultural leaders and PUSD parents.

Vote for more democracy and local control! Vote Yes for Measure A! 

Bill Bogaard is the mayor of Pasadena, Bart Doyle is the former mayor of Sierra Madre, Bill Podley is past chair of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Sandra Thomas is chair of the Altadena Town Council and Roberta Martinez is a member of the Pasadena Latino Coalition.


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