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Hot and Haunting

The Red Skunk Band cranks up its musical time machine at the Barkley

Categories: Music Notes Author: John Sollenberger Date: 08/21/2014
Club Listings
Categories: Club Listings Date: 08/21/2014
Categories: CD Reviews Author: Bliss Date: 08/21/2014
West Coast Wonders
Categories: Prime Picks Date: 08/21/2014
'Oh Myyy'

‘To Be Takei’ screens Friday at Laemmle Playhouse 7

Categories: Film Author: Jana Monji Date: 08/21/2014
8 Days
Categories: 8 Days Author: John Sollenberger Date: 08/21/2014
Categories: Opinion Author: Jen Sorensen Date: 08/21/2014
This Modern World
Categories: This Modern World Author: Tom Tomorrow Date: 08/21/2014
Left Coast
Categories: Left Coast Author: Stephanie McMillan Date: 08/21/2014
A Disturbing Pattern

Why it’s nearly impossible to nail cops for using deadly force

Categories: Top Story , Opinion Author: Earl Ofari Hutchinson Date: 08/14/2014
Categories: Letters Date: 08/14/2014
The Beginning of the Beginning

Mum on closed session action, PCC officials confirm then deny Rocha’s severance package

Categories: Top Story , News Author: André Coleman Date: 08/14/2014
The Last Word

OIR disbands after turning over McDade shooting report to Pasadena leaders

Categories: Web Exclusives Author: André Coleman Date: 08/14/2014
'The Best Man Ever'

Ice House owner Bob Fisher and others recall the caring and generous side of Robin Williams

Categories: News Briefs Author: Carl Kozlowski Date: 08/14/2014
History in the Writing

Holden’s bill encourages schools to include President Obama in textbooks

Categories: News Briefs Author: André Coleman Date: 08/14/2014