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8 Days
Categories: 8 Days Date: 07/24/2014
Near Perfect

Granville Café: All Comfort — No Guilt

Categories: Dining Review , Top Story Author: Erica Wayne Date: 07/24/2014
Bulletin Board

News and notes from our community

Categories: Bulletin Board Author: André Coleman Date: 07/24/2014
Categories: Get Your Own Author: John Sollenberger Date: 07/24/2014
Being You

Parents must understand children are all unique beings with a unique purpose

Categories: Well Being Author: Patti Carmalt-Vener Date: 07/24/2014
Left Coast
Categories: Left Coast Author: Stephanie McMillan Date: 07/24/2014
This Modern Word
Categories: This Modern World Author: Tom Tomorrow Date: 07/24/2014
Country in the Sand

Altadena singer Eileen Carey brings her award-winning sound to Venice Beach Sunday

Categories: Arts Features , Top Story Author: Carl Kozlowski Date: 07/24/2014
Categories: Opinion Author: Jen Sorensen Date: 07/24/2014
Hands Off Syria

Local representatives should vote no on funding Syrian ‘moderates’

Categories: Top Story , PowerPoint Author: John Grula Date: 07/17/2014
Categories: Letters Date: 07/17/2014
Day of Terror

Man kills three and wounds two in Saturday shooting spree on Summit Avenue

Categories: Top Story , News Author: André Coleman Date: 07/17/2014
Officer Under Fire

Robinson asks chief to discuss PROBE of detective during next Public Safety Committee meeting

Categories: News Briefs Author: André Coleman Date: 07/17/2014
Food for Thought

PUSD teams with USDA to feed local school kids healthy meals

Categories: News Briefs Author: Alejandra Aguilar Date: 07/17/2014
A Bittersweet Remembrance

Like old friends, great restaurants have come and gone over the past three decades

Categories: Dining Review , Top Story Author: Erica Wayne Date: 07/17/2014