Caltech is best known for scientific research, not fighting crime.

But come next month at a meeting of the California College and University Police Chiefs Association, three Caltech security officers will be lauded for their quick thinking in foiling a burglary ring by arresting two men last fall who tried to break into a building on campus.

The two alleged crooks and a third man are believed responsible for up to 30 residential burglaries in Monrovia, Arcadia, Pasadena and possibly Denver, Colo., according to a Caltech press release.

Caltech officers Doni Harrelson, Augustine Valadez and Ivan Gaor will be honored for their efforts on April 13 at a ceremony in South Lake Tahoe.

“I’m extremely proud of the entire organization and their commitment to making Caltech a safe place,” said Gregg Henderson, Caltech’s security chief.

— Staff reports