As of Tuesday, day 1,414 of the Iraq War…

  • 3,075 American soldiers have been reported killed.
  • 23,279 soldiers have been reported wounded in action.
  • 55,221 is the minimum number of civilians killed in Iraq.
  • $362.4 billion in taxpayer funds have been spent on the war.
  • $175.9 million is Pasadena taxpayers’ share.

Since the last Count…

  • 46 more American soldiers have been reported killed.
  • 328 more American soldiers have been reported wounded.
  • 789 more Iraqi civilians have been reported killed.
  • 4 American soldiers were found to have been kidnapped during an insurgent assault on an Iraqi governor’s office last week and later killed, despite an earlier statement from the US military reporting the soldiers were killed in defending the governor’s office, Al Jazeera reported on Friday.
  • 2 US service people were killed in a helicopter crash on Sunday, reported the Chicago Tribune. Though a statement from the US military simply stated that the helicopter “went down,” Iraqi officials stated it was shot down. 
  • 34 Iraqis were killed in bombings in Baghdad on Thursday, according to Reuters. The deadliest attack of the day occurred in a shopping area where a car bomb killed 26 and injured 64. 
  • 5 girls were killed and 20 were injured when mortars struck a school in a predominately Sunni area on Monday, reported the Associated Press.
  • 15 people were killed and 50 were wounded by an explosion in a Baghdad pet market on Friday, the International Herald Tribune reported.
  • 13 civilians were killed by Sunni militants who bombed a market on Saturday, a day in which 61 people were “killed or found dead” countrywide, reported AP. 
  • 5 helicopter passengers were killed when their aircraft, owned by a private security firm, was shot down over a mostly Sunni area in Baghdad on Tuesday, according to AP.

Meanwhile, in Afghanistan…

  • 353 American soldiers have been reported killed.
  • 1,106 soldiers have been reported wounded in action.
  • 3,200 US service members are to have their tours of duty extended for 4 months, AP reported last Thursday.

And in the rest of the world…

  • 3 Israelis were killed by a Palestinian suicide bomber on Monday, according to Al Jazeera.
  • 4 students were killed and at least 35 were injured during a clash between pro-government and anti-government student groups at a university in Beirut, Al Jazeera reported last Thursday.