Sometimes “overnight success” can take years. In the case of singer-songwriter/guitarist Mark Fosson, it took a couple of decades. You can catch him Saturday night at Bean Town in Sierra Madre.

The Kentucky native started writing songs as a teen. Then, in the late 1970s, he sent off some demos to legendary folk-blues impresario John Fahey and his Takoma Records label. Fosson’s music made an impact: Fahey swiftly offered the newcomer a record deal, and Fosson hightailed it to LA to begin recording. Sadly, Takoma folded shortly after his sessions. Fosson kept the master tapes, which languished for close to 30 years.

During that time, the rootsy picker worked with various bands, most notably the Bum Steers and Lisa O’Kane, who recorded several of his songs. Fosson’s music also showed up on various soundtracks through the ’90s. In 2005 he released his solo album “Jesus on a Greyhound,” and in 2006 — thanks to the dogged efforts of cousin Tiffany Anders — the Fahey material was finally released as “The Lost Takoma Sessions” on the Drag City label, and Fosson reaped critical accolades for his Kottke-esque compositions and playing. Better late than never.