Needs a new way
To Supervisor Michael Antonovich, As a former Altadena Town Council member, and having been honored to briefly serve under your leadership, I had hoped to learn more from such an experienced politician. Unfortunately, I experienced firsthand the undemocratic ways in which the Altadena Town Council operates, as you may well remember from our previous correspondences regarding a request for the Altadena Town Council to follow the Brown Act, which was denied. 
In light of the recent corruption scandals in the Los Angeles area, I am requesting that you examine the Altadena Town Council and its lack of community representation — the very conduct that leads to the corruption that so many communities are now trying to fight.
The Altadena Town Council serves as Altadena’s only representation to the Board of Supervisors, but it does not operate with just or due process. It has no accountability and changes its bylaws arbitrarily. Recently, the bylaws were changed to add additional eligibility requirements for council members, further restricting the attainability of these positions, though there has historically been a shortage of citizens who run for them. They also added changes that give the chair more power and assume guilt of council members who are under investigation, among others.
I do not believe that 35 years ago the founders of the Altadena Town Council, which included the League of Women Voters, intended for this organization to be run in such undemocratic ways that disenfranchise our community. The Altadena Town Council has become ineffective as the voice of our community, evidenced by the lack of audience members who attend the monthly meetings. It has been suggested that a new, properly run organization be formed to replace the Altadena Town Council to represent the Altadena community’s best interests.
 On behalf of the citizens of Altadena, I am requesting that you cease all funding, direct or indirect, to the Altadena Town Council and allow the community to form a new governing body that truly represents the people of this community of nearly 50,000 citizens. 
Please let me know if any additional information is needed and if there are any formal steps that we can take as citizens to cease support for the Altadena Town Council.

Tell me why
I read Barry Gordon’s article (“Do something!” Jan. 6). 
Let me make a suggestion. Never let a journalist write about business if he or she is not knowledgeable about the subject. In reading Mr. Gordon’s article about the need for the government to do something to help our economy, I could tell that Mr. Gordon knows very little about business. 
As a retired banker, I know this recession was caused by investors purchasing housing real estate in hopes that housing prices would continue to climb. When housing prices reached unsustainable levels, people stopped buying houses and the prices started coming down to earth. That is the risk each homebuyer takes with his or her investment. And that is the way free enterprise works, because when prices get too high, people stop buying. But when prices fall to more attractive levels, people start buying again, and new housing construction starts returning to higher levels as prices start gradually increasing again. As a result, federal stimulus is clearly a big waste of taxpayer money. That is how free enterprise works. It seems very logical to me. But I think Barry Gordon does not think that way. 
Mr Gordon and other journalists believe in additional federal stimulus to shore up the housing market. I know he is wrong, but I have heard his argument many times before and I wondered why that argument was so effective, because it was so illogical. I think I understand why now. I think the body, when it senses an emergency, like drowning, tells itself to “do something,” and the body then moves its arms and legs and starts swimming. It is a very powerful emotion because it relates to survival. That is why I think this recession taught me how humans first leaned how to swim. That is also why Mr. Gordon’s argument that government should do something is so effective, although very wrong. Government should do nothing and our free enterprise economy will eventually bounce back.
I keep telling myself journalists cannot be so illogical, but I read Mr. Gordon’s position stated in many newspapers. If I am wrong, please tell me why. I would be very interested in learning about Mr. Gordon’s reasoning.

Re: “Baby Mama drama,” Dec. 16
The truth will out, but the truth has 
to get out in order for that to happen. I hope this woman’s story receives more attention and that other 
people interested in civil liberties become involved. 
DCFS is in the Orwellian Big-Brother’s baby-selling business. All across the United States, if some kind of government-empowered “child protective services” is involved it doesn’t necessarily mean that the children they are allegedly protecting are actually better off. As often as not, they’ve become baby-stealing operations where government bureaucrats develop and enhance a God (or perhaps even a devil) complex. 
Re: “Blunting inequities,” Dec. 23
Cruise over to La Pintoresca Park on any day and you will get a very clear picture why the statistics are the way they are … I was there this weekend. There was a man rolling joints at a table, some teens smoking under the awning, a man on a phone arguing with someone about getting weed, some pre-teens smoking behind the skateboard ramp, someone else asked me if I liked to get high. The stats aren’t due to racism, policing tactics, etc. It’s real simple: there is a serious subculture of marijuana use in that community, plain and simple.