Another missing young woman tied back to Malibu/Calabasas area

Local police joined what was originally intended to be an all- volunteer search for a missing 20-year old Glendale woman this past weekend.

Nearly 70 people, including Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputies, members of the Malibu Search and Rescue team, detectives from the Glendale Police Department, and members of REACH for Mental Health Awareness, Rise Up From Diversity, Run With Us, SoCal Coyotes and Guardian Angels joined in a search of Calabasas and Malibu Saturday and Sunday for Elaine Park of Glendale.

Park has been missing since Jan. 28. Her car was seen leaving her boyfriend’s home in the 2000 block of Delphine Lane in a Calabasas gated community. However, surveillance video of the car is too dark to reveal if Park was in the vehicle.

The car was found four days later on Pacific Coast Highway with the keys in the ignition, the doors unlocked and all of Park’s belongings inside.

A $5,000 reward has been offered by the woman’s family to anyone with information that leads to Park’s whereabouts.

“Malibu Search and Rescue was helpful in deploying drones over certain areas. They searched areas that civilians were not trained to search and distributed flyers in some areas,” said victim’s advocate Ronda Hampton. “The lead detective from Glendale PD was present at the search also.”

Hampton, a psychologist, has been critical of the Sheriff’s Department over the handling of another tragic disappearance, that of 24-year-old Mitrice Richardson. Richardson was last seen alive exiting the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station at around midnight Sept. 16, 2009. Richardson’s skeletal remains were found the following August, roughly eight miles from the station, in Malibu Canyon, near Calabasas. A cause of death has not been determined.

Hampton, a friend of Richardson’s, is featured prominently in the documentary, “Lost Compassion,” about the Richardson case.

“The [Park] family is concerned that while there is evidence that she was exiting the home on Delphine Lane, there is no evidence that she was actually seen driving her car out of the private gated community,” Hampton said.

Additionally, because the area that Park was last seen is in close proximity to where Richardson’s naked skeletal remains were discovered in 2010, the family wanted certain areas around the Monte Nido neighborhood in Calabasas searched.

Anyone with information regarding Elaine Park is asked to call Glendale police at (818) 548-5912.