This attack on conservatives by Christopher Judges of Ventura is the same thing the conservatives say of the crazy left. Very biased, “If you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem” mentality. “If you voted for Trump you are a racist.” Then there’s the moral high ground: “Don’’t you care?”

What if I care differently?

And the biased, lying media fanning the flames of the masses. Don’t fall for this. Most of the conservatives I know have stopped watching the biased, lying “news.”

Some people cannot speak out for fear of ridicule, harassment, intimidation at the work place. Talk about suppression of free speech. Can I defend the president’s policies?

This crap is getting dangerous. Don’t let it get you.




Lest she is forgotten, I am writing in remembrance of Mitrice Lavon Richardson, who went missing on Sept. 17, 2009. On Sept. 16, 2009, Mitrice Richardson entered a restaurant in Malibu and was described by the patrons and the employees as acting “odd.” She sat down at a table of people whom she did not know and engaged in what was described as a “strange conversation.” She proceeded to eat a meal that she did not pay for and was described as acting “ditzy” and as a “ding” by deputies from the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station who chose to arrest her instead of taking her to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. Her belongings were in her car, her car was towed to a tow yard on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, and she was taken to a jail facility about 13 miles up Malibu Canyon in Agoura Hills.

For reasons that continue to be baffling, after a short amount of time in jail, she was released in the dead of the night. No car, no phone, no money and no reasonable way to care for herself in this remote area. It has yet to be understood how she got from the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’ Station to the creek bed in the community of Monte Nido where her naked skeletal remains were ultimately discovered. It has yet to be understood why her clothing were off her body. It has yet to be understood why the detectives on the case insisted on removing her body and not waiting for the coroner. It has yet to be understood why the captain of the station hid a videotape of her at the jail and lied about it for four months. It has yet to be understood why leads have not been thoroughly investigated without begging and pleading from family and friends. It has yet to be understood why her case was treated with such disregard and why her case has yet to be solved.

SOMEONE KNOWS what happened to Mitrice and my hope is that someday very soon someone will come forward with information that will assist in bringing about justice.

Loss is very painful and loss without justice is unforgiving. #dontforgetmitrice




I am a big believer that a lot of cops out there are genuine people trying to do good in our communities, but in my time growing up in Atlanta I saw a couple “good cops” that I knew very well treat the homeless people terribly. I never understood how to verbalize the problem, or honestly that it was even a real national issue.




When do the liberal chicken-squawkers get concerned about the threat to the US and other Western countries?

What will it take? Paul McCartney getting blown up when crossing the street in London? Miley Cyrus getting kidnapped and decapitated by ISIS? Just what will it take for you “let ‘em all come in” liberals to take notice?

Since the vision of young girls getting blown up at a concert doesn’t do it for you, is there anything that can turn a male liberal into a man?

I suggest you not play the numbers game regarding victims of terrorist attacks. The Oklahoma City and Atlanta Olympic bombings took 201 lives, and both perpetrators received appropriate penalties. The terrorist attacks since 2001, including the WTC and several since, have taken about 3,000.

A man in the Manchester attack had a good comment about the need to do something. Since the San Bernardino attack, I have done something. I bought a rifle and a pistol. I advise terrorists or their liberal enablers to not start anything around my neighborhood.