As wildfires continue to rage, let’s not forget that humans aren’t the only ones who are suffering.

Animals’ homes are being destroyed, too. Once the smoke clears, this means that coyotes, cougars, deer, bobcats, raccoons, and other animals will likely be venturing into residential areas in desperate search of food, water and shelter.

Please be patient with these animals and treat them with respect and compassion. Some of them have lost their homes and families. They may be confused, burned, hungry and dehydrated.

In the first days after the fire, consider leaving water out for thirsty animals if you live in the foothills. Keep your companion animals indoors and let wildlife pass through.

Californians have come together beautifully for one another in the midst of these disasters, but the problem has just begun for wildlife who were lucky enough to survive the fires.

We’ve all been through so much. Let’s not declare war on our animal neighbors who are simply trying to survive.  




The police should be investigating the Republicans and their party. They are committing criminal acts in passing legislation that causes immense physical and mental harm to millions of American citizens against their will.

Their gerrymandering, their manipulation of the vote, their corporate-paid brainwashing of the general American public and their endless lying propaganda are tantamount to stealing every democratic right of every average American through criminal deception.

They, as predatory pawns of international corporations, have rigged the voting system so that it defies and defiles democracy while creating the empty illusion of democratic government. Seemingly, the public is left no choice whatsoever but to fry in the hot oil of Republican legislation and accept the terror that surrenders average American people to the horror of the Republican demonic vision of humanity.

With every passing day, Republican laws against us are expanding in depth and depravity. They are happily sacrificing everyday Americans to corporate greed and psychopathic ideas that fabricate false-flag terrorism and manufacture endless fear dividing every American against all others in the name of their “democratic right to rule.”

Republicans are on a roll — more war, more military, more wealth for the wealthy, destruction of health care and the environment, destruction of worker safety regulations, etc.

All in all, Republicans are willing to weaken us to the point of surrender when we, like they, are in favor of enriching and emboldening psychopathic corporations in their efforts to turn regular American citizens into corporate slaves.

With the massive amounts of money flowing over our democracy, we are drowning, having no power, no resistance, being unable to even swim in the deluge of political bribery for corporate control of our democratic system.

Are you, as an American, willing to be “defanged and made impotent” by the ruling politicians and their barbaric masters, or are you going to join with the regular people in your interconnected communities and unite in friendship and kindness?

It is up to us to create a new system of government. We need direct democracy for a New America with a prosocial vision of a united people to take the place of the unopposed criminality of Republicans, Democrats and the political system.

Some guy once said, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” He had a point. Loving others and encouraging them to love themselves and others too could be the very basic plan we need to find our way out of the homicidal madness of corporate greed and power. Regular Americans unified behind a prosocial, caring and kind inter-social, interracial agenda can and will defeat all those who seek to destroy us for their own selfish desires. I propose a Public Union for a Prosocial America (PUPA) tied to a set of “love your neighbor” principles that will create a new politic for prosperity and happiness of all Americans.