Organizers raise big bucks for finishing touches on Armenian float

The American Armenian Rose Float Association (AARFA) has raised $80,000 toward construction of its fourth Rose Parade float since 2015.
Final touches on the float will be completed early next week.
Echoing the general theme of the 2018 Pasadena Tournament of Roses, “Making a Difference,” the American Armenian Rose Parade float will carry the theme “Armenian Roots,” in celebration of the selflessness, generosity and altruism of Armenian women.
AARFA Board President Arthur Kokozian said the float is a conduit for “presenting the rich cultural heritage and diverse accomplishments of the Armenian nation to a global audience of over 1 billion people.”
The AARFA, a nonprofit organization that raises funds for the Armenian Rose Parade float, continues to accept donations and is seeking corporate sponsors to help fund the project.
Tax-deductible contributions can be made securely at aarfa.org or by mailing a check to: AARFA, P.O. Box 60005, Pasadena, Calif., 91116.

Singpoli Rose Parade float will be animated

Singpoli American BD will make history with the first augmented reality float in the Rose Parade.
This year’s entry “Rising Above” will use technology to show three animated fish leaping out of a flowing river in efforts to jump over an intricately carved stone gate at the rear of the float.
As the parade’s first-ever float to incorporate augmented reality (AR), the densely flowered entry relates the traditional Chinese tale of the carp and the dragon gate, an inspiring story of perseverance and overcoming life’s obstacles on the way to realizing one’s dreams.
“The theme of the Rose Parade this year is ‘Making a Difference,’” said award-winning float designer Charles Meier of Paradiso Floats. “As I kept sketching and refining, we decided that focusing just on the fish was not going to be the best answer. The trick was how were we going to finish the story? How were we going to get that transformation? And the wonderful idea that Singpoli had was augmented reality.”
“Rising Above” will use more than 250,000 blooms, including Tangelo, a new variety of carnation that lends a fiery orange and red hue to the central fish.
The float will be Singpoli’s fifth entry in the historic parade. In 2014 Singpoli was awarded the Extraordinaire Trophy for most spectacular entry. In 2015, Singpoli won the Grand Marshal’s Trophy for most creative design. In 2016 the group captured the Sweepstakes Trophy for the most beautiful entry, and in 2017 Singpoli was awarded the Fantasy Trophy for the best display of fantasy and imagination.

Stoney Point sponsors stuffed animal drive Saturday

Enjoy holiday songs and good cheer Saturday night at Stoney Point Restaurant, which is collecting stuffed toys for children at Union Station Homeless Center.
The singing, hosted by award-winning pianist, accompanist and musical director Ron Snyder, begins at 9:30 p.m.
Snyder, who teaches music at Santa Monica College, performs from 7:30 to 11:30 p.m. Saturdays at the popular restaurant and bar located at 1460 W. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena.
Guests participating in the sing-along are asked to bring a new stuffed toy to the party.
To make reservations, which are strongly recommended, call (626) 449-9715.
For more on Stoney Point, visit stoneypointrestaurant.com.